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Networking Project for Topic “Otaku” August 10, 2010

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I’ve been planning to do some major work on connecting with other similar blogs to help promote my website and others but have been putting it off so much. Finally got myself to start today.

Networking for me is a way to connect to others with similar interests to myself, and for others who read my blog to discover others just like me to create a community of like-minded people around the world. I’ve always been interested in meeting people who has similar interests as me, though it’s more common sense that most if not all people seek others in that way as well. One blogger in particular that has created an online “Japan Enthusiast” community that is growing everyday that I always mention in my posts is Danny Choo. His simple day-to-day posts of his life in Japan brings many people together online to connect to each other to discuss Japan related topics and to create relationships between reader and reader around the world. It’s nice to think that in this day and age that we can communicate with many people not just around where we live, but halfway around the world in places that we have never seen or heard of. This is the power of what we call the internet.

What I’m planning to do is go around on the internet and try to create “links” with other bloggers such as myself to become part of the Japan Culture Online Community (that’s what I call it). If you’re reading my blog and like it and have a blog that is about anything Japan and want to exchange links to promote networking, send me a message and I will respond ASAP, within six hours. Thank you!


The Otaku Encyclopedia December 5, 2009

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SFSU manga bookshelf

While just browsing at manga at the bookstore on campus the other day, I find a book I never expected to find.

The Otaku EncyclopediaThe Otaku Encyclopedia – “An insider’s guide to the subculture of Cool Japan”

Its The Otaku Encyclopedia from Patrick W. Galbraith. It contains various information about the Japanese subculture in a alphabetical encyclopedia design. I first heard of this book on dannychoo.com and never thought I would see it in front of me. It just felt like another item of Japanese origin that was out of my reach.

I’m not sure if I’m going to buy it, but just from skimming through the pages, it has many intresting facts all about the topic Otaku and everything that falls into that catagory. Since I’m not as hardcore a fan of anime/manga as other people, most of the terms are new to me as it also covers a bit about the history of how it all began. I think of my self as liking anime/manga/games but not as much as someone who buys a whole bunch of figures, manga, and using all the time for it.

For more information about this book, visit this post from dannycoo.com. If I haven’t explained before, dannychoo.com is one of the best english blog & more websites that has current posts about Japan and the topic “Otaku”. My username there is coolmikeol if you want to look me up there.