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Welcome to my blogroll.

What having a blogroll means to me:

Networking for me is a way to connect to others with similar interests to myself, and for others who read my blog to discover others just like me to create a community of like-minded people around the world. I’ve always been interested in meeting people who has similar interests as me, though it’s more common sense that most if not all people seek others in that way as well. One blogger in particular that has created an online “Japan Enthusiast” community that is growing everyday that I always mention in my posts is Danny Choo. His simple day-to-day posts of his life in Japan brings many people together online to connect to each other to discuss Japan related topics and to create relationships between reader and reader around the world. It’s nice to think that in this day and age that we can communicate with many people not just around where we live, but halfway around the world in places that we have never seen or heard of. This is the power of what we call the internet.

What I want to do is share “links” with other bloggers such as myself to become part of the JCOC/Japan Culture Online Community (that’s what I call it). By doing so we can create a community of Japan enthusiast like-minded people on the world wide web.

I’ll try to be more active in checking fellow blogger’s websites and leaving comments and feedback every so often, that’s the best way in being part of the JCOC. Me just sharing links and not checking other peoples’ websites is not how networking works. I admit I tend to forget to check others blogs out and I’m sorry. When I did check out other blogs out occasionally, I usually find very interesting posts that I comment on to share my opinions on it, and I always love feedback from them too. I’ll see you around when I check out your website/blog!

Update 10/30/20 – I’m currently checking my blog for things to update and the like. Unfortunately a lot of the links below are now defunct, which shows how many people have shut down their sites for whatever reasons they have. I will label the defunct links at a later time for convenience. While I could just delete the links, I’d like to preserve them as a remembrance for their contribution to our community. If any of them want their existence completely wiped though, I’ll remove the link by request.


Here you can find other websites and blogs that are about Japan and its culture, anime, manga, games, etc.:

Blogroll (22 and counting)

Other recommended sites to visit


Your blog could be here. If you want me to plug your site, leave me a comment or message. Japanese culture/pop culture related sites only please. Thanks.


1. kashim40 - August 14, 2010

lets create a anime community ^_^ hurray 😀

2. YahariBento ( ^ v ') - January 19, 2017

Then do you mind if I want to exchange blog link with yours.

My blog is Yahari Bento!!


It’s about in-depth analysis in light novel/anime/manga and some reviews.

ps. I will paste your blog link in “Sushi Roll” page. ;3

coolmikeol - January 25, 2017

Thanks! I’ve added you to my Blogroll as well, hope to see you around.

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