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Here is a bit of info about myself.

I’m Michael, Graduate of the of BECA (Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts) program from my local college, I do YouTube as a hobby that allows me to practice what I like to do: content creation and video editing.

I love to take pictures of the everyday things I see in life. My reason? Whenever I see someone else’s photos of places far away or of things unique that I don’t see where I live, it makes me think about how different things are outside of where I live. The things I see everyday in my area, the things I find ordinary and boring, could be something new and/or unique to others. I want to share what I see through my eyes and share those pictures with the world. Those photos can be found on my Flickr, link above.

I enjoy music a lot, I was in choir back in middle and high school (and one semester in college). I listen to music of all kinds, some old school, some of today’s popular dance music, and a whole lot of J-pop/Anime music/VG music. I even did a bit of DJ work as well…. very very little actually. I can’t play any music instrument very well, but I do have some experience with playing piano.

For some reason I really get into music from animes and sometimes I get the urge to play them on piano. What came from this hobby of mine of just playing on piano for fun was a YouTube series that I started on November 2009. I call it my “Piano Melodies Series”, a series of piano videos where I play just the simple melodies of various music pieces, ranging from anime music, video game music, and more. Check out my YouTube Channel for these videos, link above.

I only really got into Japanese culture starting around 2009/2010, but when I was younger I grew up with video games, my favorite game being Super Mario World for the SNES. It was my first exposure to Japan, though I didn’t know what Japan was at the time. I also was watched the good old classic Pokemon series when it was on TV, though I thought of it as a cartoon, not as anime. I remember when Pokemon just started and my classmates in elementary school would ask me, “What’s your favorite Pokemon?” (Of the original 150). I always said Pikachu was because that was the only Pokemon I knew. I think my classmates bugging me about that made me watch and like Pokemon. I also watched Yu-Gi-Oh! when it was aired here too. Not so much DBZ, I never understood it and I still don’t. My interest in playing video games and watching others play video games online have inspired myself to start “Lets Play”ing myself. (“Let’s Play” is a term use for people who record their own game play of video games with commentary.) I’ll be doing solo and group LPs with various games.

I have a passion for the Japanese culture, and only realized that fact recently that I have for most of my life. I created this blog November 2009 in an attempt to finally have a permanent blog place and it’s been working well. I also have a passion for connecting with the world in a pen-pal style way.

If you want to know why I blog go to the “About this blog” section.


1. Fabrice - March 25, 2010

I’ve been a visitor to your blog recently and found it interesting/nice =)
Would like to exchange links to each blog?
hopefully its in your liking,
Hope to hear from you soon!

coolmikeol - March 26, 2010

Yeah definitely. I’ve seen your site and its format is clean is cool looking. Will add your link to my Sites to Visit list.

Fabrice - March 26, 2010

Thanks for the add, Ill add your blog asap =)

see you around each blog!

2. kashim40 - August 10, 2010

nice blog ^_^ added you already to my blogroll 😀

3. Itay - January 7, 2011

P.S. – I have a couple of review sheets, Hiragana, Katakana, and some Kanji practice sheets as PDF files. If anyone wants a copy of these files for their Japanese studies, leave a comment or e-mail me

Hey man!! thanks for the blog!!
im just starting off with hiragana and would love those PDFs!!

Cheers and good luck!! arigatou guseimesu!

4. Josh Penley "Aeros" - July 5, 2011

Hey Michael! Its Josh, we met at the danny choo meet n greet 🙂

hit me up on fb if you use it, or even better, MSN 😀

fb “josh penley”
msn a3ros15[at]hotmail.com

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