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2012: A Year of Inspiration December 31, 2012

Posted by coolmikeol in A Monthly Post Series.
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Happy New Year!

This post is my recollection of experiences from this passing year of 2012 that made it an inspirational year for me. It also makes up for my usual November and December Monthly Post Series posts.

This year of 2012 has really been one roller coaster for me. With me dealing with my fifth year of college, family issues, having a job, going to conventions, and having time for Coolmikeol Productions and its growth, I’ve done a lot this year that has inspired me to keep working harder for what I do and what I need to do for my future.

Coolmikeol Productions, the name I made up that encompasses all of my projects has been growing in popularity, measured in “Likes” on my Facebook fan page and subscribers on my YouTube Channel. I never expected to be at the level that I’m at now a year ago. Even though it’s not much, to me who is still pretty much a nobody doing things solo in terms of support from major known sources, it’s a lot. I’m glad and appreciative of all the support I’ve received from people all around the world who like what I do; from the piano videos that got me noticed, to my Let’s Plays that have been going on for little more than a year, to the photographs I take, to the blogs I write, and hopefully for the new projects I’ll undertake in the future as well. I know all I do is thank everyone every time I hit some sort of small milestone, but it’s my way to show that I am grateful to each and everyone of them. Hopefully I’ll become more capable and do more than just thank people when I hit larger milestones.

Going to anime conventions like Fanime and Anime Expo this year was awesome for many reasons. (You can read about my overall experience of the cons in their respective links.) For the few reasons that made this year’s anime conventions great for me: I met some really great people who I definitely would like to see again in future cons; worked hard to take photostory style photos of the cons to bring a overall perspective to people who saw my photos online who didn’t attend the events, that was then shared by Danny Choo which made me feel very accomplished as an amateur photographer; got to see some great guests of honor and attend concerts; but most of all became inspired to do things I want to work on, such as working on my Seiun Eiji Solar Marine cosplay or experimenting on new projects for Coolmikeol Productions.

School is becoming one of those things that gets worse the longer you stay, with this being my fifth year, that’s one thing that has been getting in the way of my projects with Coolmikeol Productions, even though technically I should be focusing on school rather than my own personal projects, especially if I want to get school done and out of the way. That’s why this Spring 2013 semester I’m going to try and take it a bit easy on working on things for Coolmikeol Productions, especially in terms of Let’s Plays as the time for recording it with friends, editing, and uploading take a lot out of me that I end of sacrificing time that I should be using for school. My November and December months in terms of school wasn’t too kind, as I wasn’t really focused on my school work but rather on my own projects which, in the end, made my grades suffer a bit. Since it’s my winter break I’m building up content that I’ll release slowly over January to March to fill in the gap between major LP projects so that I won’t have to use my time for it when school starts again in late January. This doesn’t mean that I won’t be working on other things for Coolmikeol Productions like my piano videos, I’ll have time for that at least.

Overall, through all the downs and ups, I feel that I’ve grown as a person who is still trying to find his place in the world. I’m glad of all the accomplishments reached and learned lessons from mistakes as well. I hope that 2013 will be the year that will bring me to new heights and to new places. Happy New Year to you and all!



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