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A Monthly Post – September Edition October 4, 2012

Posted by coolmikeol in A Monthly Post Series.
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This month has been light in the sense of actual school work which is a good thing, as I’ve been doing a lot of recording sessions for my Rayman LP. My school work these days mostly consist of readings that I haven’t been keeping up with so much. That’s pretty much sums up generally what my month has been in a nutshell.

I believe that being busy is better than doing nothing, because in that case I would be always be doing something productive whatever that may be. The thing is though, it has been hard to balance so many things that I either have to do or what to do. Obviously I try to prioritize school work or other important things over my own personal projects that I wish I had full time to work on. In terms of projects/tasks I need to do, I like to write them down as its hard to think about all of them simultaneously. Here is a rough list of projects and other tasks I’m working on:

  • Topic “Otaku” revamp – Need to update pages, background, banner, etc.
  • Let’s Play – Includes recording sessions and editing
  • Piano videos – Recording, editing, and possible sheet music creation
  • YouTube Channel background overhaul – (I’m not an artist!)
  • YouTube video organization – Maintaining video descriptions, place videos in playlists, video annotations, etc.
  • Anime Reviews – In order to review animes, I need time to watch them, which I don’t always have.
  • Monthly Post Series – This should be simple. Suggestion to myself: Write this post over the course of the month rather than trying to remember everything at the end.
  • Local Japan Related Photostories – Whenever they happen I do them.
  • Music mixing – When I have time to do this, I will. Low priority.
  • coolmikeol.com – I plan to have my own domain name quite soon.

What I think I should do in order to deal with all these is to focus on one at a time instead of doing a little for each. While doing any amount of work for any project helps, it doesn’t allow me think straight and end up getting less done than expected when trying to work on multiple projects in a day. I plan to try and focus on one project during the day that I do work on them instead of working on multiple a day. I’ll only work on multiple during the day if I finish what I need to do for the first project.

I went to a local Wii U Experience event where I got to test play the Wii U and some of the demos of games that will be released for it. I’ve been planning and preparing for doing Let’s Plays for a couple of Wii U games when the Wii U is released on November 18. Look forward to it when the videos are out that Thanksgiving week.

Ok that’s all for now. October is going to be another busy month with midterms and school projects coming, new anime season starting, and continuing work on current projects. To keep up with updates to things I’m doing, check out my Facebook page @ http://www.facebook.com/coolmikeolntwk



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