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A Monthly Post – July/August Edition September 10, 2012

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I’ve been busy watching a bunch of anime this summer.

This Monthly Post Edition covers July to Sept 10. The reason for the late post for this series comes from a combination of procrastination, being busy with work, and not having time in general.

OK. So this isn’t exactly a post that is on track with its own series. I haven’t had “time” to really do it, and by the time I did have time to do the July post, it was already mid August so I thought that it would be better to just wait it out to write a combined post at the end of August. Ten days after the end of August I’m finally writing this post. I’ll explain what I was busy with during the past couple of months.


July was my relaxation month for my summer vacation. All of June I was stressing out with preparations for Anime Expo. Once I got home from LA, I was finally free from worrying about it and dubbed July my anime watching month as I had a bunch of new airing animes I wanted to watch, along with some older animes I needed time to watch. I started watching Sword Art Online, Dog Days’ (Season 2), Kokoro Connect, and Yuru Yuri Season 2, and finishing up animes Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko, Black Rock Shooter, Jormungand, and the anime film Summer Wars.

I was also active in working on my Let’s Play videos. I did LPs on games such as Left 4 Dead 2, Rayman Origins, and Slender. This took place during July and August and is of course an on going project. Since school has started now, me and my friends will be somewhat limited for time to do more recordings by out colleges, but probably more so by my limit of hard drive space. When you’re a Let’s Player, you’ll know how quickly you’ll run out of space on your computer.

August to September 10th

August was a busy month for me, as I came back to my temporary job at the (now run by Follett corporation) SFSU Bookstore. I started working again after the first week of the month and had to go through re-training due to having to go over old and new policies with the bookstore under new management. Even through that, my general duties as a Textbook Clerk was still generally the same. There was a few noticeable differences in how the bookstore and my department was run under Follett: we had more hiring power so we had more help in our department to shelve books and help customers, the shipping and receiving department organizing, recording shipments, and labeling books for shelving, and slimming down the computer systems so they wern’t so laggy. Overall, I did feel that the changes helped make the bookstore more efficient in stocking books and helping customers. There were a few issues like books being shelved alphabetically than more so by department which confused returning customers, new system for online in-store book pickup, and tags falling off the shelves. I was glad I was able to work again in the bookstore, but I was always feeling tired for the first couple of weeks of working. My feet always hurt after walking around for 8 hours without sitting much. For the last couple of weeks working for the bookstore I had to deal with have a cold, which is no fun when having to deal with a stuffed up nose and needing to go to the back office to get tissues every 15 minutes. I was surprised and eventually glad that mid month we got a bunch of new hires for our department as I knew we needed all the help we could get for the new freshmen who were going to swap the place in when school started. I’m now done with working with the bookstore, finishing my month of employment on the 7th of September. I do plan to return in the winter when work for the spring semester will be needed.

I’m already three weeks into my new semester. I’m now taking BECA classes (Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts) as I’m planning to change my major for the last time. It’s a bit late but it’s better than never. Biology and Journalism wern’t working for me and I finally decided to do what I’ve been trying to do for the past few years but never realized what it was I was trying to do: Video Production. If things go well, I could graduate as soon as next year, but it will depend on whether or not I can get the classes I need in the future semesters. My schedule this semester is the most open out of all my previous semesters as a college student. My Mondays and Thursdays are free of classes, and I have four classes throughout the entire semester that each meets once a week for three hours. It is a pain to sit in a class for three hours, let alone four of them, but I think its a bit better than having to come three times a week for the same class for once. This will give me more time to work on my out of school projects.

I want to talk a bit more about when I was sick while I was working. Being sick at anytime is usually a bad thing, and it was for me in terms of work, as it made things quite unbearable when working. During last week while I was slowly getting better, my sense of things changed. When I say my sense, I mean that everything to me felt as if I was reliving things for the first time. Of course I wasn’t, what I mean was that I felt the way I did when I did experience or remember it for the first time. It wasn’t a nostalgia kind of thing. It’s hard to describe, and I wanted to write this post earlier when I was fully in this strange “sense” deal, but didn’t. At the moment I’m pretty much better now and that strange sense has largely passed on, though I still feel it lingering in my head, so I don’t know if my cold flipped a switch in how I perceive things. The only thing I guess changed in me is how I think of my relationship between me and my friends. All this coming from cold? Yeah it sounds weird to you and me, but that’s the way I can explain it. I don’t expect you to understand this paragraph actually, as this part I wrote more-so for myself to remember this experience.

I should be slowly getting back on track with writing up posts a bit more regularly, but if you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know how I am when I actually say that… I will be focusing more on Topic “Otaku” and on my YouTube channel this next few months. I also have a couple of other ideas I may try out as well. Look forward to it!



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