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A Monthly Post – June Edition July 9, 2012

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I know this is extremely late, but its because I’ve been busy, especially at the end of this month due to Anime Expo. Anyways, here is a summary of how my June went. (Hopefully I can remember most of it…)

My June was a lot more stressful than I thought it would be, not because of school (I’m currently on summer break), but because of Anime Expo 2012 planning. At the beginning of the month I was mainly just recovering from FanimeCon and all the blogging and posting I did afterwards. Soon after though it was time for Anime Expo preparations which I were pretty late, but the reason why I was only preparing a month before the convention was because I wasn’t absolutely sure if I was going this year until more guests of honor were announced and about my own financial situation for the trip if I went.

For Anime Expo preparations, the two things that were worrying me the most was the hotel and transportation. I first dealt with getting the hotel for Anime Expo a couple of days after FanimeCon. I remember I was getting really frustrated and nervous while looking for hotels. Most of the ones in the area were already sold out for the time that I was to stay at the hotels, and the ones that I did find that had rooms were either too expensive, too far, had really bad reviews, or a combination of the three. I eventually used Expedia to look for hotels but I still couldn’t decide on a hotel. I asked my friend who I roomed with for FanimeCon what his plan was for getting a hotel, as I knew that he was planning to go to Anime Expo but didn’t have a room yet to my knowledge at the time. He forwarded his e-mail of his reservation for a hotel room at The Historic Mayfair Los Angeles hotel and suggested that I get a room there as well. The price was quite cheap and distance wise to the convention center it wasn’t bad, and since I had people I knew staying there as well, it would help ease my mind a little. I reserved a room at the hotel and so that was taken care of, one down one more worry to go, which worried me for the rest of the month.

Transportation was the second thing I needed to deal with. If I was going alone this task might have been easier to deal with as I could of flown, but since I was traveling with at least one other person who needed a ride, driving was the only solution. Now, I don’t have a car, and so my plan was to rent a car for Anime Expo. I knew there was a car rental place nearby where I live (which is Enterprise) so I planned to rent from them. What I didn’t know about until about a couple weeks before my trip at the end of the month, was that in order to rent a car, I needed to use a credit card under my name in order to reserve the car. That pretty much screwed me over, in my mind at least. I was panicking, thinking that as there was no way to get a credit card in such a short time, what would I do for the car then? I did try to apply for a credit card around this time, thinking there might be a chance, but of course I got rejected. What do you expect from a student applying for a credit card with no regular income? Luckily I was able to get a ride from some other friends heading to Anime Expo as well who was also staying in the same hotel as I was, so I was so glad that it worked out. It even saved me a lot of money for renting the car if I was able to do so, all I had to pay was for a little gas and parking money.

Besides Anime Expo preparations, I also did try to enjoy my summer vacation with friends as well. If you follow my projects that I do, you know that one of them is my “Let’s Play” project, where I combine gameplay and live commentary together to make entertaining videos on my YouTube channel. Me and my friends have been busy recording some LPs, and I have been busy editing them which adds additional time before they are released. We do LPs on PC and console games, though we’ve had some technical difficulties with recording from our game consoles. Wii – Mine has a disc read errors with certain games, PS3 – Needs better component cables/HDTV. For a while we’ve mainly been focusing on PC games on Steam for group mic chats while recording. I have ordered a new component cable for my PS3, so we should be able to start working on PS3 games soon for LPing when I get it.

The last week or so of the month, I had back to back trips. One was to Reno, NV for a quick vacation, and then down to Los Angeles for Anime Expo 2012 a couple of days after the Reno trip. (If you want to know how my Anime Expo 2012 trip went, then check out my post about it here.) That’s why I couldn’t finish this post and also plan and do my July Piano Melodies Series video on time. Talking about my July PMS, I will get it up in a couple of days. It will be rushed because I have other stuff I have to do, but at the same time I don’t just want to skip it altogether. It will be another Random PMS where I do random melodies from different series, so look out for that when it’s up. Updates and important announcements are always posted on my Facebook fan page, so “like” it to know what’s going on when it happens.

So in general, this month was quite the month. Being almost as busy as the months where I have school, but doing the stuff I actually want to do. I’ve always told myself that I’d rather be busy than doing nothing, so I guess I asked for it.



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