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A Monthly Post – May Edition May 31, 2012

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Summer vacation has officially started for me. That doesn’t mean that I have time to laze around though. I guess I’m following what I told myself before, that I would rather be busy than be doing nothing. When I think about it, it sounds sort of like Danny Choo’s saying: Something leads to something, nothing leads to nothing.

This month has been quite strange when I recall how it started to how it ends today. In April I was stressing over schoolwork and stuff, but during the last two weeks of the semester which was the first two weeks of this month, I sort of went on auto-pilot, just letting things go and happen without too much thought, even though there was finals to worry about and projects to do. I guess it’s because every time something stressful happens in my life, I try to think of the moment after that. I probably imagined the time after school was over where I had time to focus on the projects I really wanted to work on, such as my “Let’s Play” videos, uploading backlogged photos, and organizing my online websites/profiles. The good thing is that in the end I did survive my busiest and hardest semester ever with passing grades, and that is good enough for me to move forward. While it doesn’t sound too great, its because the classes I took this semester are no longer relevant to what I plan for the future, as I’m changing my major one more time, from Journalism to BECA (Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts). It was a waste of time and effort for me to take the classes I did take this semester, but from at least it I learned what I really wanted to do for my future. I wanted to focus on a major that does video production seeing as I’ve been interested in video editing and media production since 2007.

Besides school, I worked for a bit again at my temporary job at my campus bookstore which contributed a lot for my limited amount of free time this month. The first time I worked for the bookstore was back in January. As I mentioned back then, building job experience is one of my main reasons for working at the bookstore as I handle a lot of different things that gives me experience for future jobs. This time around it was more for the money as I had two big anime conventions planned, FanimeCon 2012 and Anime Expo, which I needed the money for. I just picked up my paycheck today (May 31st) for the three weeks I worked and I made less than I expected, darn taxes took a lot out of it. I only planned to work this month so that I can focus on my other projects over the summer break.

FanimeCon 2012 611

I attended FanimeCon 2012, San Jose’s annual anime convention which took place last weekend. I’ve been busy over the past few days uploading photos to Flickr and Facebook and typing up posts here and on Figure.fm about the con. For my coverage of FanimeCon 2012, check out my separate blog post about it. You can see all the photos I took from the convention at my Flickr set FanimeCon 2012, and also check out my FanimeCon 2012 photo post which I posted on figure.fm.

I just started preparations for Anime Expo which at this time is pretty late. I was stressing out about trying to get  a hotel room as that is the hardest to deal with. Hours of calling hotels down in LA left me with no luck with no availability, smaller hotels which had low prices but horrible reviews made me cringe, and nice hotels with big prices wern’t going to work as I don’t have a lot of money or people rooming with me. Running out of ideas, and knowing that time was against me, I decided to call my friend who was going with me, to see if he had any ideas. He suggested that I talk to my other friend who we roomed with for FanimeCon. I did just that as I knew he didn’t have a room yet either for Anime Expo. I figured that if I was having a hard time, so was he and I wondered if there was a way to work together for us to get rooms. Luckily he did reserve a room and suggested that I reserve one in the same hotel which I did. It was fairly cheap and close by to the convention center. I’m glad that the hotel situation is out of the way, and also that we’re going almost as a group. Originally and still probably officially we are separate groups, me and my roommate versus the other people with my other friend, but we can cooperate in terms of going together from the hotel to the con and back. I’m hoping we can caravan our way with them down to LA as this will be my longest drive ever. I’ve been down to LA many times but not as a driver, though I’m familiar with the roads and have a good sense of direction, and if necessary I do have a GPS if I really need directions. I still need to reserve a rental car though which I will probably do early next week. Then I can start calculating costs and dividing it by how many people will be coming with me, four being max for me to have on this trip. I’ll have more details as they come up in some June posts.



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