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A Monthly Post – April Edition April 30, 2012

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This month has been the most hectic month in terms of school assignment workload and stress for me. Assignments from Journalism have really got me pinned down, namely from making and doing interviews for my news stories which are quite hard to do for a shy person as myself. I felt quite depressed early in the month because time was always reminding me that I was running out of time to schedule interviews with people who didn’t have the time to be interviewed by me. That was earlier this month, but now at least I’ve got through some of the hardest parts I think, such as getting most of my photostory final project done for my Photojournalism class, writing up most of my stories for my Newswriting class, and catching up on online quizzes for my Social Impact of Journalism class. There are still a couple of things left for me to do as a upcoming Photojournalist, like give in my papers to become an official Photojournalism major, and also get my Biology minor in check. What I plan to do with my Photojournalism major is to become an Video Game / Japanese Pop Culture Journalist hopefully.

An event I go to every year is the annual San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival which is held at Japantown in April. I wrote up a separate post about my experience with this year’s festival. Check it out @ San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival 2012

With the stresses that come from failures of making and doing good interviews, keeping up with assignments and such, it feels good when things do go right, especially when a lot of things go wrong. I had a assignment to do where I had to interview a professor on campus about a recent thing they achieved that was reported on the campus memo. My first interview was a horrible experience. I don’t really want to go into details, but in a nutshell, I was dealing with a professional who felt that the time we were doing the interview was not well spent. While I agree that I did not prepare myself as much as I should of, her expectations were way over what she should of expected. Apparently she though that she was being interviewed for some publication that was going to be published. She also expected me to have experienced her display that she helped with at a certain museum in San Francisco. I’m not mentioning details, but overall I felt like a failure from such a “Professional.” End of story.

I knew for my next subject I needed to choose my subject more wisely, and so I looked for the longest while until I came across a radio music man on SFSU campus that recently won an award. In short, the interview went really well, took some photos, got to see the radio broadcast station, and overall helped me to bring back some of my confidence. I will have the article edited and finished soon, and when it is I’ll post it in my long forgotten blog about things in the Bay Area. Look forward to that.

Just a few days ago, well known YouTuber CaptainSparklez made a video for his 1,000,000 subscribers achievement, also mentioning about the back flip he did at the San Francisco meet and greet that I happened to be at. To my surprise when checking my e-mail, I saw I had like 60 unread, most if not all were comment notifications from YouTube on my CaptainSparklez meet up video. I was not sure at first why this was happening, but while skimming the new comments I happened to read something about CS linking my video to his. Becoming super excited at the thought, I immediately checked my subscriptions videos and clicked on the CS 1,000,000 subscribers video. I was stunned to see that CS actually used my video clip of him doing the back flip, and linked his video to my video link. I was always hoping that he would recognize my video in some sort of way, and low and behold it happened. He even thanked the guy who recorded it, who was me, so I felt genuinely happy. I was probably the only one who recorded him in HD quality doing the back flip at a good angle from him, and that is probably why he used my video clip under fair use. My YouTube Channel is now receiving some publicity, though I know it will slow down eventually, but still I hope to use it to my advantage in gaining viewers for my own videos. I will be uploading new videos soon in the next couple of days, and will also work on my next Piano Melodies Series video which is due to be released five days from now.

While there is still a lot of stuff to be done before the end of the semester, I know that it will all end fairly soon. Beyond the papers, interviews, exams, finals, and everything in between, in two weeks time I will be past most of all this, working at my campus bookstore, making money for the next anime convention that I will be going to, Fanime. I’m definitly looking forward to Fanime and the fact that I can relax then and take photos without much pressure to do it for an assignment. I also will be able to work on more of my “Let’s Play” stuff as I haven’t had the time to play game for my LPs or edit them. LP Editing takes so much time, so that’s why I’m putting it on hiatus until my summer vacation. I’ll also be able to watch and catch up on a lot of animes as well, which means working on anime reviews again a few weeks from now.

See you all in my next “A Monthly Post” Series which will come at the end of May, after my Spring semester is over and Fanime will be over as well.



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