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A Monthly Post – March Edition March 31, 2012

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March has been quite boring when I recall what I’ve done this month. All I can remember is doing a whole lot of school work. I did do a Let’s Play of the Wii game Muramasa: The Demon Blade, just with Momohime’s story…. for now. I found out that there are multiple endings for the game, three for each Momohime and Kisuke. Since to me it will feel like an incomplete job for just doing one ending, I will attempt to complete all of them. From what I looked up on the internet, getting all the endings should not be too hard. I still need to edit the Momohime 1st story LP and so far I only have Act 1 uploaded, but I hope to have it all up within a couple of weeks. I will start Kisuke’s story soon and get his ending which will unlock the way for the rest of the endings.

Click on this image for my (Coolmikeol's) updated MAL anime watch list.

I had spring break last week and so I took advantage and relaxed by catching up and finishing watching a bunch of animes. I just finished Guilty Crown, Shakugan no Shana III Final, Zero no Tsukaima F, and High School DxD, and will finish Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! and eventually Black Rock Shooter. I already wrote a review of Guilty Crown and will get around to writing ones for the other animes mentioned. Overall all the anines I’ve watched this 2011 winter season were OK, but were below my expectations of how I would of rated them. I guess that Guilty Crown was the best out of all of them, the music really was great from that series; Shakugan no Shana III Final and Zero no Tsukaima F were tied for second. Papakiki was great too, I’m still waiting for the final episode. High School Dxd was one I watched because of a recommendation from a friend, but I found it kind of hard to watch with the annoying main character and uncensored stuff. Black Rock Shooter I’m reluctant/lazy to watch because I’ve heard that it just follows the original OVA’s story. I’m only at episode 1 of BRS at this moment. Anyways I will have full reviews for these animes soon so watch out for them.

School has been OK for me for the most part, but I can feel that the 16 years of constant studying and schooling is finally taking its toll on me. I’m really starting to drag behind in my studies in favor of working on my own projects. What really affects me the most is my bad habit of procrastination which is really screwing up everything now that I think about it. Besides it being bad for me in terms of doing assignments or studying last minute, it also makes me keep putting aside editing videos for my “Let’s Play” project, uploading photos, writing posts, etc. I need to find a way to stop procrastinating all the time, it’s really getting in my way. Darn YouTube and me always watching videos there on a daily basis… I guess I should just try and follow Danny Choo’s advise for living: “Find ways to not waste time.” Easier said than done in my situation, but if I feel I’m passionate enough about my future, then things should work out in the end.

This last week of March my school library has finally opened up the rest of the floors that were being renovated. I haven’t had a proper place to study on campus for like the last 3 years. Home is where I get lazy and fall asleep, and anywhere else on campus either had hard to find tables and chairs, bad Wi-Fi, and generally uncomfortable conditions. I think I’ll be hanging around here more often because it helps me to focus more on typing than just messing around on the internet sitting on a bad falling asleep. This is like my only way that I don’t procrastinate.

Both my Newswriting and Photojournalism journalism classes have us already planning our final projects which are basically us writing up an in depth news story. I’m trying to get both of them to pertain to Japan in some way. I already got approval from my Photojournalism instructor to do my final Photo Story on the upcoming annual San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival which takes place in mid April. The Photo Story serves as a final project for that class where I have to focus on a person or place in a journalism sense, but in this case I’ll be focusing on an event. I’ll be trying to take some behind the scenes photos of preparation of the festival before it starts by looking up performance practices, stuff like that. I know I can do this well as I’ve been attending the festival for the past few years and have always loved visiting Japantown, but this time I’ll be taking photos as a  Journalist/semi-pro. It’s kind of exciting but there is pressure to do things right for my final grade in the class. This will give me many excuses to visit Japantown in April. I’ll make a post about my project when it’s complete in May.



1. fabricerequin - April 4, 2012

Muramasa is a game that I thank god got created, Danny’s advice does come in handy, dont watse time, however Muramasa is probably an exception ^^

Looking forward to your project.

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