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A Monthly Post – February Edition March 1, 2012

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This month has been quite the busy one, if it wasn’t then I would of updated my blog more.

At the start of the month, my temporary job ended and me and my co-workers (my supervisor included) went out for a end of the job dinner in the Castro district. The restaurant we went to had a nice atmosphere but it was a bit pricey. Me and a fellow co-worker just shared one dish to cut costs. The dish was good but small. Well doing this once in a while is OK when the occasion calls for it. I am hoping to work back at my job again when the rush comes again. (I worked at the bookstore at my college campus, and most jobs that are hired are temporary only and on demand of workload.) My supervisor says that send me na e-mail about working again before the summer semester starts so I hope to work over summer when I’m not taking (so many) classes.


-On February 5th, YouTube star CaptainSparklez visited San Francisco during his road trip from San Diego all way up to Canada. CaptainSparklez aka Jordan is known for his gaming videos, especially his Minecraft videos. He is also the guy who brought us “TNT” and “Revenge“, two Minecraft parody music videos that each have view counts exceeding 20 million viewers on YouTube. Currently he is top 100 ranked in terms of subscribers on YouTube.

CaptainSparklez’s Meet and Greet in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park was great. Here is a video I made of the Meet Up if you want to see how it went: 


School has been really busy. Since with my change of major to Photojournalism, I’ve had a lot of writing and grammar homework, along with writing leads and other stuff related to newswriting. Now what’s worse is that I’m not very good at grammar despite choosing to go into this major. I will hope to get over most of my grammar issues and get on with this major, because I hope to someday enter the J-pop media field or something along those lines.

One of my classes has ended already because it was a five week class. The spring semester started in late January and most classes end in early May. My newswriting lab class turned out to be only a five week class, something I did not know about until they said so in the first day of class .(The class met once a week for three hours for five weeks.) That does not mean that there was not much work, actually there was so much work to do within the five week class that I was on the brink of writing papers early in the morning. I guess mostly the reason for that was because I procrastinate but still, the workload was really tiring and straining. I’m glad that it”s over now.

Besides being a Photojournalism major, I’m also minoring in Biology because it’s required for the major to have a minor. I took a Biology class last semester and it was really great because I learned a lot and the structure of the class was perfect for retaining learnt material. However, I’m now taking the follow up class for the same Biology class level and boy is it boring and much harder. My previous Biology class used participation and interesting material to help us learn, this semester’s Biology class is just a plain lecture with slides that can be overwhelming with information that just bounces off my brain. While there is not homework to do for the class unlike last semester, it’s making me feel unmotivated to do much work at all except study for exams and tests at the last minute which does me little good.

Not all my classes are tiresome, my Photojournalism class is my favorite class because all I have to do is take pictures for homework. It’s this way I can practice my photography and show assignment photos in class I take from J-Pop events I attend.


During President’s Day weekend, a small convention called Animation on Display 2012 happened at San Francisco’s Japantown’s Hotel Kabuki. Check out my separate post about it at this link.


I just registered for Fanime today because the price goes up again tomorrow. If you don’t know what Fanime is, it’s a anime convention in May down in San Jose.


I have begun work on my next Piano Melodies Series video planned to be released  March 5th. The main issue I’m having in regards to my PMS videos is that I don’t have video editing software I can use. I used to use Windows Movie Maker, but I don’t want to return to low level editing with my expanding work and also I couldn’t use WMM even if I wanted to now; I’m using my DSLR which records .MOV files which WMM does not recognize and/or crashes the program. Adding codecs does not fix the problem. The software I’m looking to buy is Adobe Premiere Pro CS 5.5. I’ve used the trial version and it works well, but if I wanted to buy the full version, its quite expensive at $800.  I did find a good package deal for students on Amazon that not only includes Premiere Pro, but Photoshop as well along with other Adobe products. The package is called Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium Student and Teacher Edition and it costs only $379.99 in comparison to Adobe’s website price of $449. You can only get this product at this price if you’re a student, and since I am one I might as well take advantage of such a great offer.


I hoped to get some anime reviews up but haven’t. I guess I’ll get them up soon when I have time, like I always say though never do. Talking about animes, I am watching a few that are airing now such as Shakugan no Shana Final, Zero no Tsukaima, and Papakiki!. You can always check out my watch list on MAL.net here to see what I’m currently watching, what I’m done with, and what I plan to watch.



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