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Mayo Chiki! November 1, 2011

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Mayo Chiki is a rather nice romantic comedy anime with a twist, that twist being that one of the main female characters is a reverse trap, basically a girl dressed as a boy for certain circumstances. Here is a quick synopsis from MAL.net:

Konoe Subaru, 17, has been serving as the butler of Suzutsuki Kanade in school, a classmate of Sakamachi Kinjirou. Due to an accident, Sakamachi discovers Subaru’s secret… that he’s actually a girl!? Apparently she will be removed from her position if anyone at school finds out. What will unfold from this chain of events?

This anime was another anime I considered to be a “minor” anime title at time I started watching the series. (I consider a “minor” anime an anime that is generic and/or doesn’t have a real impact in terms of plot, animation, character uniqueness and development, and overall enjoyment.) It looked like a very general romantic comedy anime that I’ve seen many times, but the twist with the reverse trap scenario gave it a slight boost in terms of my rating for it. So in the end I had changed my mind about this anime being just another “minor” anime, I now consider it a good general anime that has its own unique points to itself.

The characters of this series I found to be a mixed bag; we have our generic male lead Sakamachi Kinjirou, whose only real difference is that he has gynophobia (fear of women from his mother and sister practicing their wrestling moves on him on a daily basis for 10 years as part of his training) in which his nose bleeds whenever a girl touches him. He meets Konoe Subaru and finds out her secret that she is girl, who is butler to Suzutsuki Kanade, as her family serves the Suzutsuki family, but since they only allow males to serve the family, Konoe is forced to cross dress as a boy to be butler to Suzutsuki. Konoe serves and protects her wherever she goes (Konoe is a very adapt fighter), that includes school where most of the story takes place.  Kureha Sakamachi is the younger sister of Kinjirou. She is very physically active like her mother (their mother being a pro wrestler) and does beat up her brother on a regular basis, but is also very caring for her brother as well; due to her father dying from an illness she gets extremely worried whenever her brother gets sick. She develops a crush on Konoe thinking that she is a he after a physical fight between the two. Usami Masamune comes in the story when she initially blackmails Kinjirō with the picture of him and Subaru on a mock date, to be her boyfriend up until the end of their school fair. Kinjirō accepted because of the condition that she will not spread the photo with Subaru and Kinjirō going out together. However she later becomes friends with Kinjirō and the others and is implied to have developed a crush on Kinjirō. She is a fan of Subaru, formally being a part of the S4 or Shooting Star Subaru-Sama, a fan club for females who adore Subaru as a cool, strong butler. Narumi Nakuru is a cat-eared ganguro student that constantly spys Kinjirō and Subaru, though never learns of the truth that Subaru is actually a girl. She is a busty first year and a member of the crafts club along with Kureha, she is also revealed to be the chairman of the “Let’s warmly protect Subaru-Sama committee” (a parallel club for Subaru fans) and is shown to have a fetish for glasses and boy love which is expressed through her manga drawing of Kinjirō and Subaru (much to his chagrin).

I’m a big fan of blogger Danny Choo, and he had made announcements on his blog that his mascot character Mirai Suenaga would be making a cameo appearance on Mayo Chiki! in a few episodes. Mirai also had made a cameo appearance in the J.C. Staff anime Twin Angel, but for one episode only. In Mayo Chiki!, she made appearances in three episodes, episode 8, 9, and 13. Here are the screen shots of Mirai in Mayo Chiki!:

Mirai Suenaga in Mayo Chiki! - Episode 8

Mirai Suenaga in Mayo Chiki! - Episode 9

Mirai Suenaga in Mayo Chiki! - Episode 13

Overall, Mayo Chiki! is a very warm romantic comedy anime, with some bits of fan service here and there which isn’t too overwhelming. I enjoyed the character development between Kinjirou and Subaru, especially Subaru because she, being so used to having to hide a big secret from everyone, can be open with Kinjirou as he already knows her biggest secret. With that Subaru acknowledges that Kinjirou has become her first best friend, which eventually leads to romantic feelings for him. What I also enjoyed was listening to the voice of Subaru, as she is the same seiyuu for Toaru Majutsu no Index’s Index, Iguchi Yuka. While both of the characters are girls, Subaru tries to sound like a boy while Index is a young (loli) nun. Since I follow the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime series, I liked listening for the times in Mayo Chiki! where Subaru didn’t have to use her male sounding voice to sound more like Index.



1. Fabrice - November 1, 2011

9/10…We’ll never forget…the day Nakuru published her book. Hope Mayo Chiki comes back for a second season after one season break like Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. Overall, the series was very enjoyable. The trio of Nakuru, Kureha, and Usami should get their own spin-off series (Loved them on this episode and the one on Kureha’s birthday) This and KissXSis need a second season.

coolmikeol - November 4, 2011

Yeah. Mayo Chiki! was more enjoyable than I thought it would be. I liked how Subaru was trying to tell Kinjirou that she wanted to be more than friends, it was quite sweet. Too bad he’s a bit dense, but still cares. Nakuru was unexpectedly super moe in the last episode, especially without her glasses. While she brings fan service into the anime, she at least had a slight character development in the final episode which I found nice. I would definitely watch a second season of Mayo Chiki! if they had one.

Kiss x Sis was also a good watch, of course it is borderline in terms of fan service/hentai, but that’s Kiss x Sis’s eye candy for you. I guess a second season would follow the three into high school where they are all within the same school, leading to some ecchi school scenes between Keita and his sisters.

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