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Seto no Hanayome August 19, 2011

Posted by coolmikeol in Anime, Manga.
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Seto no Hanayome is a comedy series similar to that of To Love Ru, but without the excessive fan service. Here is a synopisis from Wikipedia:

The story of Seto no Hanayome revolves around a young teenage boy named Nagasumi Michishio. One day during his summer vacation at Seto Bay, Nagasumi is saved from drowning by a mermaid, Sun Seto. Under mermaid law, however, either the mermaid whose identity was revealed, or the human who saw the mermaid, must be executed. In an attempt to save both Nagasumi and Sun’s lives, Sun’s family, which is the head of a mermaid mafia group, reluctantly decides that the two are to be married. Sun’s father Gōzaburō is enraged about his daughter’s sudden marriage. Between Gōzaburō’s constant attempts on his life and the madcap antics of a slew of antagonists, Nagasumi has a hard time transitioning into his new married lifestyle.

I say that Seto no Hanayome is similar to the anime To Love Ru because they both involve your main male character encountering a girl from a fantasy setting; Seto no Hanayome, a mermaid girl being from the mermaid seas at Seto Bay and To Love Ru, an alien girl being from space, and both male main characters from each anime are forced to marry said girl.

What made this anime slightly different from other comedy animes is the uniqueness one of the characters, Sun Seto, the main female lead character. Like most of the characters from the Seto clan, has a firm belief in the chivalrous spirit of mermaids, which makes her a strong character in her decisions of actions, alongside her high skill in using a sword and close combat. Most of this stems from her being part of a yakuza like family. With this she is very loyal to Nagasumi and it’s nice to see a strong minded female lead (in contrast to Lala from To Love Ru). She does have her airheaded moments, but it seems that she does this on purpose when situations arise where strange events happen, leading to funny scenes.

Seto no Hanayome is very fast paced, not exactly in plot (as it doesn’t really have one besides Nagasumi and Sun getting closer to one another) but in how it presents the events that happen in the anime itself, in other words, it jumps from different scenes very rapidly. An example of this would be like so: Nagasumi walks into a normal situation which quickly turns the other way around, misunderstandings ensue, Nagasumi gets attacked, chase scene, destruction, then resolve, all happening very quickly. While this sounds like a typical comedy anime in writing, actually watching it illustrates my opinion better. This doesn’t make the anime bad at all, in fact, it’s another reason I think that makes it unique, from normal, to fast and out of control, then sudden resolve, all in a very short timeline.

Overall, this anime was very fun to watch. It is very comparable to the anime To Love Ru, but with way less fan service and instead of aliens, there’s mermaids. There was only one season with two OVAs that came out. Seto no Hanayome is a good reminder to myself about why I seem to like romantic slice of life comedies like To Love Ru and Hayate no Gotoku, as it puts a smile to my face every time when I’m laughing it up.



1. Fabrice - August 19, 2011

One of the biggest plus points for this anime is the ending. All too often in anime we see a great series end with a whimper. Not here. The ending was brilliant in both it’s seriousness and it’s humour – in other words it’s seriously funny.

coolmikeol - August 20, 2011

I agree totally. I love how in the ending Nagasumi finally understands the chivalrous spirit of mermaids and uses that to become a man who can trump anything. Even Sun’s father tells him to not forget the words that he spoke, which means he really made an impact to the person who hates him the most. The end is quite sweet and it leaves a good vibe for the future of the characters.

In my opinion, the chivalry in this series made it unique from other romantic comedy series.

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