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Animation on Display 2011 February 27, 2011

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Sorry for being a bit late on this, busiest school semester for me ever.

I attended this year’s Animation on Display (AOD) at San Francisco’s Japantown’s Kabuki Hotel that ran from February 19-20. I consider it my first anime convention, and since it was small it was a good start to experiencing how cons work. AOD is good practice for the bigger cons I’ll be attending later this year such as Fanime and Anime Expo 2011.

I already did a post of this on Figure.fm, here is a link to it: Animation on Display 2011. That’s pretty much the main reason why I’m lazy to do a re-post of this here, but I still feel it’s necessary. I won’t post as much photos of the event on this post as I did on Figure.fm, I don’t want it to be too long. All the photos taken from AOD 2011 can be found at my Flickr, here is the link for my photo set from AOD 2011.

Animation on Display 2011

Found an Angel Beats! cosplay group. I found out that they are actually from an anime club from my old high school. Was surprised by that fact because back when I was in high school I heard that the anime club wasn’t too great. I’m impressed with how my old high school’s anime club has improved.

Animation on Display 2011This was the weather on the first day of AOD, Saturday the 19th.

Animation on Display 2011

At AOD I volunteered for four hours on the first day of the con. I basically helped out in the game room by supervising and watching the game room itself and switched out with another fellow volunteer to check badges of people who want to enter the game room. No work too hard, perfect for me who was attending his first anime con. I got some compensation back of my registration fees but not all of it, I think only half because 8 hours of volunteering gets you everything back from reg fees, but I didn’t want to waste all of my time working at the con so I did 4 hours only.

An overview photo of the game room. Most of the official staff working in here is actually from my AnimeFX club from SFSU. They were the ones who actually started the game room at AOD. I feel a bit proud working with people who are actually involved in the con as staff.

All of the game consoles that were being used for the game room are owned by the staff members themselves who bring their own consoles for the game room. Some of there include PS2, PS3, XBox 360, SNES, a computer for Touhou, and one for some DJ game thing. The games range from Super Street Fighter 4, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Blazblue, Marval vs. Capcom, Rock Band, Touhou, retro games, and more. We had a few tournaments for the more popular fighting games.

I was in the Super Smash Bros. Brawl Tournament that was on Sunday. I joined for fun because I knew I wasn’t good when compared to hardcore gamers who usually come to these kind of events. The setup of the tournament was this, each match is 1 vs 1, with best 2 out of 3 games. You win you more forward in the tournament. I wanted to win at least one match, but failed. I used Mario(1) and Kirby(2). The guy I was playing against was good and after-wards we became friends (on Facebook of course). I didn’t stick around to see the final match but I heard about who won. The night before I was practicing in the game room late at night for the next day’s tourney against 3 other level 9 computers because there was no one else around. A guy came around and joined the battle, and he was good. He used Samus and his combos are timed pretty well. I had a good game battle with him only a couple of times and it was sort of close, but he always had the upper hand. At the tournement he was there, and I heard that he was the winner. I wasn’t surprised at all, congrats to him. I found watching the battles to be far more fun than playing, I felt kind of bad and a bit embarrassed because I didn’t put up much of a fight, only took out one of my opponents stock in my second game. Well overall I had fun.


Here are a few cosplay photos from AOD 2011. The rest you can find on my Flickr link mentioned on the top of the post.

Animation on Display 2011

Animation on Display 2011

Animation on Display 2011


Animation on Display 2011

There were many different panels at AOD. There were also  Vocaloid and Touhou panels, and I got to say they were both interesting. I already knew what they were but it helped to elaborate on the history of both and how they became popular.

Hideo concert was great. I was falling asleep during the opera singing part, final part with the mega man music woke me up, the sudden drums did anyways.


On the second day of AOD 2011, the weather was in much better shape. Snapped this picture within Kabuki’s inner garden. From this photo, does it look like I’m in Japan?

Animation on Display 2011

Animation on Display 2011

More from Kabuki’s Japanese style garden. Very beautiful.


The dealer’s room was packed with many vendors selling figures, nendroids, cosplay accessories, manga, and much more.

Animation on Display 2011

Animation on Display 2011

Animation on Display 2011

Here you can see some swords, some fake some not. At AOD I didn’t really buy too much, I’m a bit stingy when it comes to money. The main thing I tell myself and others all the time that the most valuable thing to me are my pictures, because they are a snapshot of something that I see that I want to share to others on the world wide web a.k.a. the internet. However, I got tempted to buy a nice fake wooden katana for a future first cosplay. I don’t have picture of the sword yet, I didn’t buy it from this stall, but in the future you’ll see my cosplay complete with the sword, for now I’ll keep my cosplay a secret, but as a hint, my cosplay will be simple and not related to any anime/manga series.


Animation on Display 2011

And to end this post I show you the standard Peace Pagoda of Japantown. AOD 2011 was a great experience as my first anime convention, even better was that I got to volunteer and go with my anime group who is involved with staffing in anime conventions. Before going, I can honestly say I was a bit nervous going to AOD  because I really didn’t know what to expect it to be. I mean I’ve seen many pictures of cons from people like Danny Choo, but you really don’t know what its like until you experience it for yourself. I can say with confidence now that I will looking forward to future cons and I’ll be better prepared for them. Fanime 2011 and Anime Expo 2011 are the big ones I want to go to and I’ll need some major preparations for them to make sure that I’ll have the best experience. I good thing is that since I’m within my AnimeFX group, I’m not alone so I can get help from them as well such as rooming and transportation and other things related to going to big cons away from home. I’m grateful to my friends at AnimeFX because they have helped me to connect with others like me with interests in Japanese Pop Culture, and also encouraged me to attend anime conventions, something I remember a year ago I wasn’t planning to do.

The next J-pop con, or should I say event I’ll be going to will be the Cherry Blossom Festival in April at SF Japantown. I don’t think I’ll be going to Wondercon in late March/early April because I need to work on my first cosplay and save up money for the future cons/events. Look forward to more posts of Japanese related events!



1. Chris - April 16, 2011

You should come visit us over at SDCC 2011. Cool gig, been going for about the past 4 years now.

Found from dannychoo.com (kurichan) and started stalkin’ ya. I’m learning Japanese as well, これからも、よろしくお願いします ^^

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