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The World God Only Knows December 31, 2010

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I want to do at least one more post before 2010 ends so I’m rushing this two hours before the 2011 reaches my area of the world. Oh yeah, Happy New Year 2011 to everyone around the world!

Here’s a quick summary of The World God Only Knows (from Wikipedia):

“Keima Katsuragi, a second-year high school student, is an avid bishōjo game player. He is known on the Internet as “The Capturing God (落とし神, Otoshi-gami?)” for his legendary skills to be able to “capture” any 2D girl in games. However, in his actual school life, Keima is known as otamegane (オタメガネ), a derogatory portmanteau of the two words otaku (オタク) and megane (メガネ-“glasses”), and is considered nothing but an intelligent yet gloomy geek with glasses.

At the start of the series, Keima receives an e-mail offering him a contract to “capture” girls. When he accepts it, thinking it is an invitation to a game, a demon from Hell named Elsie appears. She asks for his cooperation to help her in catching runaway spirits. These spirits hide themselves inside the hearts of girls, and Elsie suggests that the only method to force the spirits out is by “capturing” the girls hearts, making them fall in love with him and filling up the gaps which the runaway spirits hide in. Interested only in 2D girls, however, Keima is appalled by the idea, and refuses the assignment as he has no romantic real life experiences whatsoever. Nevertheless, with the contract already agreed, Keima has no choice but to help Elsie no matter what, as they will be beheaded if they fail.

Aside from focusing on Keima and Elsie’s adventures on capturing spirits, the series also makes fun and parodying common and popular cliches about dating sims, anime character stereotypes, and pop culture.”

I was already watching quite a few other anime shows at the time that I first saw this anime. Actually the first time I saw the title I didn’t think much to watch it, but during a meeting with my anime club one of my friends there recommended it to me so I gave it a try. I must say that I was not disappointed with this anime at all. The main character, Keima, is quite a unique character as he is not the common high school student you see in animes. He plays dating sim games almost 24/7 and is very smart and is able to analyze situations very delicately as seen in his way to deal with teachers who scold him for playing games in class and how to figure out a girl’s heart. Whenever he is not capturing girl’s hearts for Elsie, he is funny when real life clashes with his lifestyle. What is intresting is that while he is not interested in real life girls, he can still deal with them as if they were the girls in his games and when he is on a role to winning the girl’s heart, he always says “I can see the ending” which is basically his victory slogan which plays out epically in the series. Despite his denial for real life girls, he slowly makes his way to the girl’s heart in a sweet way and the climax is reached when he finally kisses the girl, making her fall in love with him and releasing the evil spirit within. Sad part is that the girl that he captured in real life forgets everyting about Keima after the evil spirit is captured, but the girl still has some lingering feelings afterwards. Keima remembers everything, though it seems that none of these experiences with real girls has no obvious changes on Keima’s life. The final episode of this season was all about Keima and his godly gaming room which has almost every gaming console in existence, in which shows his true power for being a god of games, being able to play many multiple games at the same time to make up for his massive backlog. It was truly a sight to see how a true gamer plays, even more so when Keima enters his “God mode”. It made for good laughs though about how dedicated someone can be to the 2-D world of anime dating sims.

A second season has been announced, probably coming out in 2011. It seems that, though comments on forums and such, this is following the manga series which is something I don’t do often. There are a lot of anime that I’ve watched that are based on their manga series but I never read them, and I feel I really should because I know that the manga series of a series is always better than the anime series. I have my reasons for why I don’t read many manga, but I will elaborate on a different post that is more focused on this topic. Anyways it’s time for me to enjoy the last hour and a half of 2010. See you next year!



1. Fabrice - January 17, 2011

Im looking forward for the second season.
The phrase that thought my attention to say that its one of the best of the season ”shes not just an idol, shes a rising star!”
all these small phrases that he says are great haha XD

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