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Angel Beats OVA: Stairway to Heaven December 27, 2010

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The Angel Beats! OVA: Stairway to Heaven was released on December 22 and it takes place between episode 4 and 5 in the anime series. *SPOILER ALERT* Here is a summary of the whole OVA episode (from Wikipedia):

“Set between episodes 4 and 5, Yuri comes up with ‘Operation High Tension Syndrome’, encouraging the other members to behave as wildly as possible, so they would appear to be enjoying school without disappearing. Yuri hopes this will make Angel wonder what’s happening and lead them straight to God, threatening the others with no food for a week if they fail. They attempt this by acting excited in class, snacking heavily and culminating with a huge sports meet. However, when Angel comes to inspect them, everyone is too tired, leaving only Shiina who expresses how cute her doll is. They later follow Angel down to an underground base where they assume they’ll find God, but instead only find an underground greenhouse belonging to the defunct gardening club, which Angel decided to check after hearing Shiina’s cute comment. Annoyed with the results, Yuri forces everyone to starve for a week.”

My summary of the OVA: Yuri gives a mission to everyone to participate in the school but  to act crazy all day to avoid disappearing, to try and make Angel think some thing has gone wrong in the school and consult God about it. After going mad all day, yelling, running, and making complete idiots out of themselves, they finally make Angel take action only to find out in the end she goes to a secret garden to care for turnips because she heard the word “cute” from Shinna. Yuri gets disappointed and kills everyone by making them starve for a week. When I told my friends about the episode I just told them that everyone goes crazy and dies, that’s not too far from the truth.

I was expecting this OVA to be about the characters in the real world, after they pass on and how they find one another again. The reason why I and many others thought this is because of how the final episode of Angel Beats! ended with Otonashi seemingly meets Kanade again in the real world. While I was laughing and smiling the entire time watching the OVA, it did not give satisfaction to the series. I know that OVA’s are not expected to do such a great job in adding to a series, but it would of been nice to see them alive and well in a new life together.

Probably what the AB! group would look like in the real world.

There is one more extra that is after this OVA. *SPOILER ALERT* It is a two minute bonus extra titled Another Epilogue, it shows a new student who has entered the afterlife school, who is upset about his death and wonders why he is there in the afterlife school.  While taking a test and causes a scene, the student council president comes in to deal with the new student, who is actually Otonashi. He tells him to find the courage to do what he wants to do and extends an invitation to the new student to meet him whenever he wants to deal with his problems. As Otonashi leaves the classroom, it is implied that he stays in the afterlife school to wait for someone, or to help others who enter the school with a regret about their own death.

I found this short extra interesting and a bit unexpected. I was still looking for something about when they pass on, but I guess there is none. As the title says, this is an alternative epilogue to the Angel Beats! anime series. It is a bit sad how Otonashi stays behind alone in the afterlife school, but I guess it shows how this place and the people who come and go here has cycles. What puzzles me is the two words at the end of the extra, which is plainly “Next Stage”. What does that mean? I heard that there is a game in the making for Angel Beats! but I do not know the details of it. Anyways, while both the OVA and bonus extra was not what I was expecting, it was nice to see Angel Beats! again. It reminded me of how much potential it has and how it could of been potentially better if the anime series was longer. I still really wish that we could see what happens to them after they pass on to their new lives, but maybe that will be explored in the future game.



1. Andy - December 28, 2010

It was a great “wtf” comedy episode overall, but… wtf?
Like most others, I was hoping for an add on to the original epilogue too.

But I also noticed that at the end of the main part of the OVA, it says “Bad End.” A reference to the upcoming game? Maybe a “Good End” is forthcoming?

coolmikeol - December 29, 2010

I definitely thought that this was going to be the “real world” ending that probably most of us were expecting. When the episode started I immediately knew that it wasn’t because Kanade was still their enemy and most of everyone was still around. To me the episode is plainly where everyone goes crazy and dies.

I heard about the upcoming game for the Angel Beats! series that will I think follow every character’s story as far as I know. I guess it would be the best way to explore more of Angel Beats! potential since more anime episodes don’t seem to be coming anymore.

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