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Anime Club Swap Meet 2010 December 15, 2010

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At my Japanese Pop Culture club named “AnimeFX”, we have our swap meet semester annual event where anyone can sell their unwanted “collections of anime, manga, wall scrolls, games, figurines, doujinshi, and other goodies that they have built up over time with fellow nerds.”

This is my second semester being with this Japanese pop-culture club at SFSU and so far its been fun. Here are some pictures from the Fall semester 2010 AnimeFX Swap Meet. Click on the pictures for enlarged/clear quality photos. For some reason the pictures that I post up on my site here look blurry and it’s really ticking me off because I’m all about quality of my pictures.

A poor attempt to make a panoramic picture of the whole general area of our club's Swap Meet.

Here club members can sell their unwanted items.

A grumpy looking Miku is selling cute items.

Our location of business is in a classroom. A bit crowded but enough space to get around.

While we have a projector in the room, we only use it for mass viewings. Some people (including myself) brought a small TV for some gaming fun. How so many people can watch and play SSBB from a 15" TV is a bit puzzling to me.

Showing more of the Swap Meet in the back of the room.

We also have a separate room for Anime viewings. This meeting however it turned into the gaming center. I moved my stuff to this room because the Swap Meet room was stuffy. Besides my Wii with SSBB and GoldenEye, we had a couple of PS3s running Street Fighter 4 and Tekken 6.


More books/videos/games for sale.

More random items up for sale.

One person (not the one seen in this picture) was selling their original artwork. Our Anime club has a variety of talented people.

Random plushies were also being sold by our members. I got a small Pikachu (not the one shown) for free because she was trying more to get rid of stuff than to make money off them.

No anime club swap meet would be complete without someone also selling their figures.

This just goes to show how random the items for sale were.

Close up of the random items for sale.

This picture was taken at a different direction showing more of the tables of stuff for sale.

That black UFO looking thing is supposed to make a 3D image of an object appear on top by placing a small object in the middle of it. It uses mirrors to create the illusion, it's cool but not that great.


Same picture from last one but showing left of the pillow.

One seller had only a few items for sale.

———————————                                 ———————————-

AnimeFX’s Spring Swap Meet 2010 was better in my opinion. Here are some pictures from last semester’s (Spring 2010) swap meet:


The room we were using last semester was a bit smaller and we had more sellers too.

One seller was selling a different variety of Mario related items. Not all of it is shown here.

Some figures and Pokemon cards. I used to have some as well but I never played Pokemon cards.

More figures and games for sale. Laptop not included.

Magic cards anyone? I also had some myself but I never really got into card games, it was hard to know all the rules.

There was a lot of retro VHS anime tapes for sale. VHS is going to be obsolete soon...

Anything in this bin you can take for FREE! I should have took more instead of being nice and letting other people get the good items.

More random items for sale.

More random items for sale.

More random items for sale.

More random items for sale. Most of these are Mario related items.

Some magazines/DVDs for sale.

More photos of the Swap Meet.

More photos of the Swap Meet.

More photos of the Swap Meet.

More photos of the Swap Meet.

Some really big magazines (I think they're magazines) for same. I can see Misaka from Railgun on the left one, that's the only character I recognize here.

More stuff being sold.

I can see strange pictures in this photo. Only recognized them now. Ooo a Master Ball too!

Some wall scrolls were being sold as well. I think there were more but not all was advertised due to space.

A bit of the loot I got from the Spring 2010 Swap Meet. Mario and Luigi mini figures.



In the Spring Swap Meet, I bought the Mario and Luigi mini figures, a couple of Code Geass art books, a PS2 Guitar Hero Guitar, and some stuff from the free bin. In the Fall Swap Meet I got nothing, because the most of the stuff didn’t interest me and I need to save money for all the events to come next year.

The Swap Meet in my anime club is fun and it’s a great photo opportunity to show the different kinds of stuff our members have. What I also realize is how little loot I have in comparison to people who have been in this hobby longer. The main reason why I don’t buy too much stuff is because I can’t afford to (but that may change depending on if I get a job). While I don’t really want to accrue too much stuff, I feel it’s better to have quality, long-lasting items that does not get outdated (like calendars or similar items).

Right now I’m down to my final week of school for this semester. I’ve been busy with doing papers and studying for my finals but once everything is said and done, I’ll be back here writing all the posts that I’m backlogged on. I got like 5+ posts on behind on so I’ll want to catch up during my winter break.

(This has been the post with the most pictures I’ve done so far. I don’t think it’s the longest one I’ve done though.)



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