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Working!! November 18, 2010

Posted by coolmikeol in Anime, Manga.
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Hey readers! As usual I’m behind but still here (and always will be). What I’m going to do for the majority of future posts about anime I watch is to generally discuss my own opinions of what I thought of the anime and leave most of the characters and terminology to links from other sources such as Wikipedia and MAL.net. The reason for this is because recapping all the info from the anime is tiring and long work and as such, makes writing these posts seem more like work than for enjoyment. I will refer to specific characters and terminology when I need to highlight something about it, but for general format for my anime posts will be just a quick synopsis and my take on the anime. Short and simple.

Working!! is a slice of life comedy anime that centers around Souta Takanashi and his part-time job at the family restaurant Wagnaria. *Spoiler for first episode* He gets hired by Poplar Taneshima who was looking frantically for a new part-time worker for the restaurant. Souma is a 16-year-old high school student who has four sisters, three older one younger. Since having so many sisters he ended up getting a lot of hand me downs from his sisters and had the appearance of a girl when he was young. He also dislikes his older sisters because of them messing around with him, thus his like for small cute things (a minicon he calls it). He was forced to cross-dress, using the name Kotori, when her father comes to visit her at work. Once recruited for the job, he meets his fellow co-workers:

Poplar Taneshima is a 17-year-old waitress who is very short, very energetic, and loves her job. Some of the customers and staff like to make fun of her height and tease her by calling her an elementary school student.

Mahiru Inami is another waitress who has androphobia (a fear of men) who attacks and punches any if nearby. Souta got punched when she first met her, but ever since then have tried to cure her fear by trying to resist punching men by trying to get used to being around him. Later it is found out that this androphobia was caused by her father who did not want her to eventually wed due to jealousy and thus told her that males would attack her, which ended in her fearing men since then. Through out the series she slowly gets used to men somewhat, stating that she can get as close as two meters without attacking a man, but non the less still fears them. She falls in love with Souta when he stands up to her father (as Kotori).

Kyōko Shirafuji is the 28-year-old manager of the restaurant, she doesn’t do much work herself but defends the restaurant from unruly customers with force.

Yachiyo Todoroki is a 20-year-old waitress who works at the restaurant and wields a katana. She carries it around without much thought about what others think which makes customers somewhat uneasy around her. She admires Kyōko very much and does what ever she says, Kyōko saved her from bullies in the past.

Jun Satō and Hiroomi Sōma are the two chefs at the Wagnaria. Jun (age 20) has an intimidating appearance but is nice. He like messing around with Taneshima (like playing with her hair) and has feelings for Yachiyo, though does not express it very well. Yachiyo considers Jun one of her closest friends because they have worked together for quite long. Hiroomi Sōma has a very easygoing attitude and uses it to mask his true skills in blackmailing other employees into doing what he wants. He is glad that Souta was hired because he used to get punched all the time by Inami, which is the reason why she was one of the people he could not blackmail.

Hyōgo Otoo is head of the restaurant but is out most of the time due to searching for his missing wife. Whenever he does return he brings “souvenirs” which is actually food that Kyōko expects when he comes back, Yachiyo gets jealous when he does and tries to attack him with her sword.

Aoi Yamada is a self-proclaimed 16-year-old girl who Otoo brought back to the Wagnaria. Her real identity is a mystery as it’s quite clear that she is using a fake name when she was asked for her name, in which she stumbled to remember it. She ends up working at the Wagnaria and lives in the attic of the restaurant. Her skills as a waitress is very poor and gets constantly yelled at by her co-workers, especially Souma. She has a child like personality and doesn’t like to be left out of group activities.

The final staff member of the Wagnaria is Maya Matsumoto. She is a waitress who is rarely shown in the anime, getting more showtime near the end of the season. She has great emphasis on being “normal” unlike the rest of her other co-workers. Her all out pursuit of being normal makes her weird as well.

—————————                                                    ———————————–

I heard about this anime from some of my friends at my anime club while looking for animes to watch. It starts off quite generic with a cute girl coming out of nowhere to the main male character, where fates meet and an anime series begins. Once the story begins, that is where the true spirit of this anime comes from. What made this anime more unique than some of the others I’ve been watching was the setting. I was getting a bit bored of the same old Japanese high school setting, so it was refreshing to have one in a restaurant. Each character brings different sides of comedies to the anime which made it fun to watch. Taneshima-san is one of my favorite characters, because she is cute, short, and has a very bright and childish personality (am I a minicon too?!) The other characters seem to interact well, the male cast of the anime has many problems when dealing with the female cast, the female cast being more unique than the others. In my own life I’ve been doing a bit of searching for a part-time job myself, but with no luck due to the current crappy economy. I guess part of the reason why I like this anime is because I want to have a part-time job too and see this anime as a funny example of a paying job that is fun at the same time, though I could do without the punching men fearing girl, blackmailing chef, and sword wielding waitress.


The whole next week I have off due to Thanksgiving. This gives me plenty of time to catch up on my assignments for my classes, like papers, projects, homework, and studying for my nearing finals. This also gives me time to do some work on Topic “Otaku”, like posting more posts and add more blogroll sites. I hope to be up to speed on many things, I also hope to find a part-time job really soon, especially because next year will be a very eventful year for me in terms of my involvement in Japanese pop culture, in which my spending will increase. Well I’ll tell you about my plans for next year in a later post.

Do any of you remember that I am taking first semester Japanese this semester? Well on my first and only post about it I said I was going to keep writing about the class. I didn’t really keep my word on this either. I was going to do a post about it this month, but the semester is ending in a few weeks so I decided to do a post all about my Japanese class when all is said and done. I will say that I am doing well in the class and that I am glad I am learning Japanese, I’m pretty sure that new opportunities will arise from my studying.

See you all next week!



1. kashim40 - December 2, 2010

I love this anime 😀 . but i hate inami so much aha

2. coolmikeol - December 2, 2010

Same here. My favorite characters are Taneshima and Yamada, both are funny.

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