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Kannagi November 6, 2010

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Kannagi is another anime that has drama, slice of life, romantic comedy, and some spiritual forces mixed into a 13 episode show. Quick synopsis from MAL.net:

“Based on a shounen manga by Takenashi Eri, serialised in Comic REX.

Our unlucky protagonist, Jin, uses the trunk of a sacred tree to carve a statue for a school project. When he takes it outside, to his surprise it begins absorbing the surrounding earth and transforms into, hold your breath on this one, a girl! So like all similar setups this guardian deity is pretty pissed that her tree was cut down and lives with Jin while she takes out her anger on squashing bugs….er, cleaning the “Impurities”.”

This anime uses a very common plot theme in animes that I’m sure you’ve seen before, one day a boy during a normal day has a beautiful girl pop right out of nowhere. Well it does work in some occasions, especially if there is a storyline with it, but this anime which is mostly just showing the day-to-day life of these characters, can get a bit boring. Jin, the main character, in his past met the Kannagi god when he was a child. To the current day, he carves a wood (that was actually the Kannagi god’s tree) into the god he remembered from his past. Upon completion a girl emerges from the wood named Nagi, she claims that she is a god. From then on she stays with Jin since she has nowhere to go. Jin’s childhood friend Tsumugi has a crush on him (what childhood friend doesn’t develop feelings for each other in animes?!) and acts as a guardian of sorts since Jin’s father left him in her hands since he’s never home. Nagi is not the only god around, her twin sister Zange is around also and is stronger in spiritual power than her now because her tree was not cut down and also because she has “followers”. In order for Nagi to regain some spiritual power, she needs people to idolize her in any way possible. Through a series of events she gets enrolled in Jin’s school and that is where the story (or lack there of) begins. Besides Jin’s childhood friend and god entities, Jin also is a part of the art club at his school where he also has friends as well, reliable but weird non the less.

The whole anime series gave me a few good laughs. Nagi’s personality is actually unique to me. She acts sort of like a tomboy with her free spirit, but still retains a naive little girl air around her, especially with her “staff of exorcism”. There is not much explanation about a lot of things that happen, like why Nagi materialized from her carved tree, about her powers, and about her other self whose name is Kannagi who is truly like a real spiritual entity. Also halfway in the anime Nagi doesn’t seem to care all that much about her powers as she did back in the beginning. Plot wise the anime is divided in two parts, the first is when Nagi comes to life and tries to gain her powers back, and two, when Nagi questions who she really is and runs away from home thinking that she is causing trouble for Jin and lying to him about who she is, which she herself doesn’t know so it’s understandable. The ending is very anti-climatic but ends on a good note, well I guess that’s expected of a slice of life anime so I shouldn’t be so critical of it. I enjoyed the comedy and animation quality of the characters. Overall this anime is a good watch as a casual show, but don’t expect any great impact from it.


Looking back at most of my anime posts, the format of how I do them seems very rough. I don’t really like to go over the basic info of the anime itself like the characters, animation quality, story, etc., but I do it anyways for the reader to at least understand somewhat what I’m talking about in my review when I’m mentioning stuff from it. Probably for future anime related posts I will have a more fine tuned format, clearer, but maybe trying to keep character info to a minimum. Also I feel that I miss some aspects of an anime I want to address when I’m lost in thought trying to summarize whole seasons and anime terminology. I guess I got to write down my own ideas to talk about before going into new anime posts. Mainly I aim to give the basic story of the anime and my thoughts on it, if any of you can give me some advise about how to do so in a way I can give the basic info of a whole anime series into a clean understandable format that is short and to the point, then send me a message.



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