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Angel Beats! Piano Melodies Series Video September 8, 2010

Posted by coolmikeol in Otaku.
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Every two months or so I post videos to My YouTube Channel I call my Piano Melodies Series. It’s basically videos that show how to play the basic melodies of some of the music of various anime series, a tutorial video and not a piano skill video. It’s not meant to be all pro like all the other videos you see on YouTube, it’s for people who can’t play piano that well to be able try to play a bit and enjoy piano. I learned the melodies of the songs by ear and played them at a slower speed for others to like and learn. There are some mistakes but hey, no ones perfect.

Today I have posted my Angel Beats! Piano Melodies Video for all of you to enjoy.

I’ve released seven PMS videos already and have many more planned. You can find a couple more of my PMS videos on other posts here on Topic “Otaku”. Here is the rest of videos of the PMS series:

As the amount of videos increase for my PMS videos, I will make a page specifically for it once I have 10 PMS video here on Topic “Otaku”. Watch and enjoy my videos of basic melodies of music from animes, VG, etc. Look forward to more in the future!



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