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Happiness! / Kanokon / Princess Lover! August 16, 2010

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I’ve been watching a lot of anime lately because it’s my summer vacation (though it’s ending in a week) and I always want to write a post about the ones I’ve watched. Because of this, I limit myself to watch one at a time before writing a post. If I watch a whole bunch of different animes I tend to forget how I felt while watching previous animes and so I tend to do anime watching slowly. The three animes that I’m posting today I consider minor anime titles, Happiness!, Kanokon, and Princess Lover!.



I get into different kinds of anime for all sorts of reasons, whether it be for the story, action, drama, good reviews, etc. For a couple of animes that I got into, it all started with a visit to YouTube. I saw a short clip on YT about anime traps and saw one of this anime. I’m a guy and all but I was just curious just based on it, nothing more. Anyways here is a summary of the anime (from MyAnimeList.net).:

Kamizaka Haruhi having been rescued when she was young by a mage, longed to be a mage herself, so she enrolled into a special school that allows regular and magic classes into two different sections. Together with her rival/best friend, Hiiragi Anri, they study magic together while she is searching for the boy who saved her years ago, to give him a Valentines’ chocolate.”

I thought the anime itself was nothing special. The animation and sounds used in the show were quite cheap if I had to describe it. Story wise it wasn’t very deep, only getting somewhat better in the later episodes when Sumomo was in a dying state, though the ending was just as predictable as any other fairy tale story, the savior boy becomes powerful and saves everyone and then he gets the girl and everyone lives happily ever after. Heard of that before? That’s pretty much the whole summary. The characters’ past were not really explained much except a bit for Yuma and a couple of the other characters that was part of the treasure sealing event in the past. It’s still a watchable anime for people new to anime I believe, but for experienced anime watchers, it’s best to skip this and find something better.



Kanokon is an extreme borderline ecchi-fan service anime series that defines how ecchi an anime can get before probably being called a hentai series. The only thing in this anime series that keeps it from being called a hentai is the uses of censorship. Ok, onto the summary of the story, or lack thereof.

Kanokon is about Kouta Oyamada, a country person who moves into the city in his first year of high school. On his first day of school he meets Chizuru Minamoto who tells him that she is in love with him. In the process she accidentally reveals to him that she is a fox spirit, a being who can fuse with a human when they both share a deep emotional link to become one, with the human and kitsune’s power levels based on how deep that emotional link is. Later on another spirit comes to Kouta’s school, a wolf spirit named Nozomu Ezomori who is also in love with him. Kouta’s school life is now filled with the two spirits fighting over him for his affection.

Personally wise, Kouta is a very pure boy who becomes very embarrassed when ever Chizuru and him are doing something perverted in public. He usually denies any perverted thoughts that others are thinking that he has when ever he is seen doing something that is seen as perverted as well. Though he is very reluctant to do anything intimate with Chizuru, his feelings for her are genuine. He does truly care for her well-being and does things to make her happy, though not to the point of doing “stuff” with her. The way he acts in the anime makes him seem like a wimp, though it shows how pure his heart is to try to defy her advances to do “things” with him. Also the seiyuu for Kouta is Noto Mamiko so naturally he would have a shy quiet voice as that’s what Mamiko usually plays as.

I wanted to get Kouta’s description out of the way before writing what I thought of the anime, because it will help me explain. In every episode, it always shows Chizuru (and sometimes Nozomu) trying to get really close to Kouta all the time, as close as any person can get to another. Since there is overkill of fan service in every episode, you get used to it and it becomes into something that you see all the time. It’s like the saying goes,” The boy who cried wolf.” The art and animation is quite good, very bright and the characters look good as well. Story wise, it’s a typical story of a Japanese school boy finding himself being surrounded by beautiful girls who love him for no apparent reason. The only reason you would want to watch this anime would probably be for the fan service hands down.


Princess Lover!

Out of these three anime titles, I think Princess Lover! is the best of them all. It had a decent storyline, some action, some fan service, and of course a happy ending. Though it’s still a typical boy saves the girl anime, it is better than the previous two that I watched, and of course watching bad anime series brings your expectation levels down so maybe you may think it’s bad as well. The order that I’m reviewing these animes is the same order I watched them in. Summary of Princess Lover made possible by MyAnimeList.net:

“Arima Teppei lost his parents in a traffic accident. His grandfather Isshin adopted him by force and ordered him to succeed the head of Arima Group Corporation. At Shuuhou Gakuen, a high school only for wealthly students, Teppei’s new life as a celebrity starts. ” (end MAL.net summary). To elaborate a bit more on the story, after Teppei’s parents died from murder, Isshin adopts him but lets him make his own decisions about what he wants to do. He meets a number of people at his new high-class school, all of them being related to famous or wealthy people. He also becomes popular with a few girls which he makes friends with and eventually has feelings for.

I don’t really know why I like this anime, maybe after watching a couple of bad anime series lowered my expectations… I don’t know. I like Teppi and his mother and father when they were shown before they were killed. He had a good relationship with them and wished to see more, but after seeing them alive in the first episode for a few minutes, they were out of the picture the next, with Teppi now preparing to go to his grandfather who adopts him. My expectations of the grandfather before he was shown was that of a super strict kind of guy when it was revealed that he is the owner of a wealthy corporation, but in reality is a nice guy who gives Teppi advise and lets him make his own decisions. The story in the first few episodes were just intro and school life related, nothing important until the attack on Arima Hills. From there the story picked up mainly about Teppi trying to save the princess Charlotte Hazelrink from the bad guys with help from his fiancée Sylvie van Hossen, maid Yuu Fujikura, and classmate Seika Houjouin. All of them attend the same school. The ending is a bit weak and predictable but OK. He gets the girl(s) and everything seems a OK. I still think it’s a decent anime, has a good amount of fan service, some action with a story, and exceptional quality animation. If you have nothing else to watch, you can try watching this.

Just recently released is also the Princess Lover! OVA which is a hentai (Hentai is content not appropriate for people under 18 just to let you know). Here is a link if you want the first episode: Princess Lover! OVA – Hentai for 18+


From now on I will make bundle posts of animes if I consider them minor. I will try to make posts here every week or so depending on my schedule and stuff to blog about. FYI – I am starting my fall semester next week. It’s back to school time in the US after all. Looking forward to it. Will make a post about it in the near and distant future.



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