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Super Mario Galaxy 2 June 9, 2010

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Its been a couple of weeks since the release of Super Mario Galaxy 2 in the United States, and its been enough time for me to be able to write about it. I know that it hasn’t been released everywhere yet, but soon enough everyone who wants to play this amazing game will get to this summer. Ok, onto my review.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a direct sequel to the first Super Mario Galaxy, in which game play is very similar to the first SMG. The story (or lack thereof) is very short and is very typical of a Mario game, Princess Peach is kidnapped by (giant) Bowser and Mario has to go save her. At the beginning of the game it kind of feels like a new SMG game altogether because it seems to have no connection to the first SMG, but at the end, it all comes together.

The game play is just like the first SMG, all of Mario and Luigi’s moves are the same along with almost all of the powers from the previous game such as the Bee, Spring, Fire, Boo, and Rainbow power ups along with a few new ones as well. Cloud Mario allows him to create up to three cloud platforms that can be traversed when being Cloud Mario, along with being a bit lighter making his jumps and long jumps higher and farther. Rock Mario turns him into a rolling stone that can run over enemies and break hard stones. Drill Mario gives Mario a drill that lets him drill through a planet. Also new in Galaxy 2 is Yoshi, who is ridden either by Mario or Luigi and has abilities on his own. He is able to do a flutter jump which keeps him in the air a bit longer during a jump.  He can use his tongue to eat, shoot enemies, pull objects, and swing off objects to reach platforms with the use of the pointer from the Wii Remote. Yoshi has three powers unique to him, such as the Chili Fruit which makes Yoshi dash at high speeds which allows him to run on water and up walls, Air Berry which makes Yoshi float like a balloon for a limited time, and the Bulb Berry which reveals secret paths around Yoshi. (I made up the names for the Chili and Air Berries as I don’t know the real names for them.)

The hub world is a lot smaller than the previous SMG, it now being a medium-sized planet in the shape and likeness of the hero Mario. It has several areas to explore, such as the engine room which houses some of the power ups you find in the game (but you can’t use them except for one), a Toad Spaceship, a floating Yoshi island with berries, a pipe that leads to cube chance mini games, and many characters that you meet while going from galaxy to galaxy.

After completing the game with 120 power stars and defeating Bowser, it unlocks the green star challenge which means another 120 green stars to get, scattered in all galaxies placed in unexpected areas that may or may not be immediately obvious to the player. These stars are a bit harder to collect, due to you having to search everywhere for the green stars and reaching them using more advanced techniques. (A funny story with how I got my first green star, I was in the Sky Station Galaxy and saw a ghost Luigi and once I started him up, I thought it was a race and so I thought of just jumping up on top of Yoshi’s house thinking that that’s where I was supposed to go to the launch star. When I back flipped to do a wall jump up to the top of Yoshi’s House, I got the star. I didn’t know it was there and it came as a surprise to me.)  Once 240 power stars are obtained, it unlocks the final two stars in the last galaxy called the Grandmaster Galaxy. The Grandmaster Galaxy in itself is like a final test of all your SMG2 skills. The first star is challenging and it is nice to hear different music pieces from some of the levels you encountered from the games in a single level. The second star of this galaxy and final star of the game is a real challenge, called The Perfect Run. It’s like a Kaizo version of SMG2. It’s pretty much the same as the first star of the galaxy, but what makes it hard is the fact that you have only one life bar. I’ve died so many times in this level that I’ve gotten mad at the game for it, but after like 30 minutes (from the game’s timer) I finally beat it. What’s also cool about this final level of the game is the music. It uses the two most popular pieces of music from SMG1, Good Egg Galaxy and Gusty Garden Galaxy. When you finally beat this star at the point where you got the star from the previous level, a sling star will appear and a surprise waits at the end of this level. I won’t spoil it for you so you better get down to beating The Perfect Run. With how hard the final star was getting, the ending credits music sounds so much more rewarding than beating Bowser.

The music in this game is the some of the best I’ve heard. Compared to the first game, the soundtrack for SMG 2 is epic, moving, just plain awesome. I love how they remade a couple of music from SMW (my childhood game). I love most of the music in this game so I will wait to buy the soundtrack when it comes out to support Nintendo. I’m usually cheap and get my music from other sources but this soundtrack is a must buy for me. I would go to a live concert of an orchestra playing the SMG2 music if I ever get the chance to. I’m already planning a PMS video just for the Galaxy series so watch out for it in Fall on my YouTube Channel.

The ending credits music to SMG2. Sorry if this is a spoiler. Just one of the many music I love from this game.

Overall, this is a fantastic game for the Wii and the Mario Series. It uses all sorts of past Mario elements in this game to bring nostalgia while bringing in new ways to play. The only thing that bugs me a bit is the countless 1-ups you get in the game. I remember getting like 70 1-ups from just casually playing, or receiving 99 lives from the mail Toad. I know the game is a bit harder than the first, but it’s overkill for lives, not saying exactly it’s a bad thing. From me, this game gets a perfect 10 out of 10. It brings the fun of the first Super Mario Galaxy game and builds on it to bring a game of more creativity, challenges, power-ups, levels, music, and of course more Mario saving Peach from Bowser.



1. Ashley B. Ocampo - July 5, 2010

Thank you for all of the ! Also, you wrote a lot! 😀

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