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Current Plans for Topic “Otaku” May 28, 2010

Posted by coolmikeol in Other/TO.com news.

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since writing. I’m here to just quickly outline the future of my blog as I haven’t said much about the changes my site is going through. The main reason why I haven’t had time was because of finals and school but now my summer has officially started. That means that new posts have been stacking up on my agenda and will start posting (hopefully) every week or so.

First off I’m doing site changes such as the theme, links, widgets, and posts. The current theme will probably change back to the original theme of Topic “Otaku” because I liked it better. I was going for a theme with three columns but it doesn’t look that nice.

I’ve been watching a lot of anime recently and that means I’m swamped for anime reviews and stuff. I also have many new animes for the summer I’m planning to watch and stuff and you can check out my anime watch list @ http://myanimelist.net/profile/coolmikeol .I will update it as I watch more anime.

Please wait for a bit until June and look forward to my future posts!



1. Fabrice - May 31, 2010

Hoshashibouri! indeed~
wb, nice you have time to post! =)

looking forward for the changes.

2. zu - June 2, 2010

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3. Ashley - July 5, 2010

Very good 😀

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