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K-On!! First Episode Review April 7, 2010

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For all you K-On!! fans out there it’s finally here! The second season of K-On!! has arrived with brand new music, new adventures, but with the same good old comedy we have come to know from the previous season.

The first episode was fantastic. *Spoiler* It starts off showing Yui in the club room early in the day practicing by herself (what a surprise) but actually it’s because her clock was off by an hour. Once the band got together they went and checked their classes only to find that Mio, Yui, Ritsu, Mugi, and Nodoka are all in the same class, all thanks to Sawako-sensei and her laziness to memorize new students names. Afterwards they attend the opening ceremony and sing the school song, showing Yui with a sakura on her head *cute*. The big dilemma for this episode is the future of the K-On! club as next year the four main characters will be gone and Azusa will be alone. They try various methods to attract potential new club members but none work. Azusa and the rest tries hard at the school opening concert to bring in new people as that’s how she was attracted to the club in the first place and believes that there must be others like her out there. When people still don’t show up things seem bleak for the club. When Azusa leaves the room for a moment to go talk with her friends, Yui tells the other three how she wants it just the way it is for now, just the five of them, because its been fun the way it is and wants to enjoy it. Azusa hears this right outside the club room and comes in and agrees with Yui, but stating that she will be more strict with her (No more Yui hugs?)

I liked the first episode because it had that K-On!! comedy feeling but with a slight sadness in knowing that it will end eventually for the school club, maybe not as the band. I liked the start when showing Yui practicing by herself because it shows her strumming than just her face. The OP was a bit much for me, but probably will grow used to it over time. The ED is awesome, showing Mio as an ant queen and the band in style walking around in a giant cake. I like how in the ED they look more grown up, especially Yui when they start with the strawberry part thing.

How Yui looked in the first season OP vs. second season ED. She looks cooler now with her hair down.

(W/o the star) Wouldn't you say that Yui looks like a real band member now? She looks more grown up.

What do you think of the new OP/ED?

For all fans of K-On!!, look forward to more episodes!



1. Fabrice - April 7, 2010

Even though it is rather slow, it has a similiar feel as the first ep from first season. It’s light, humorous and cute – a nice introduction back to the series. Overall it’s a pretty good episode

loved the beginning when Yui was jamming with Gitah!

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