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What I Think of the iPad April 5, 2010

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Taking a break from blogging about the animes I finished, I’m going to just quickly post my review of the Apple iPad. I’m no professional when it comes to knowing technology so don’t expect my review to be throughout. Its really just my opinions of this new device.

Apple iPad

Size comparison between iPod Touch and Apple iPad. It was smaller than I thought it would be.

Today I decided to go to my local Apple Store to take a look at their new product, the Apple iPad.

Apple iPad

This is just the iPad price and feature display. "A magical and revolutionary product at an unbelievable price..." Yup, $499 is unbelievably expensive, but probably the price will drop within a year. Wonder what September will bring from Apple...

At first when Apple first announced the iPad and saw the pictures of it before it was released, I was thinking oversized iPod Touch/Phone because it seemed to just do exactly what the iPod Touch does but on a bigger screen. Later when it was released and reading the early reviews, it seemed to be better than what many had thought, so I went to go see for myself.

The first thing that I was surprised about when first seeing the iPad in front of me was the size. I knew it was suppose to be like a big version of the iPod Touch but was smaller than I expected. The device is light, weighing only 1.5 pounds and is just a half-inch thick. The display is as good as Apple’s laptop computers, which means vibrant, bright, colorful screens but with the con of glare (which is seen in the picture above.) Check out my other pictures of the iPad below.

Apple iPad Back

The back of the Apple iPad.

Apple iPad Large Display

With a bigger screen, apps have more room to grow along with more features to add. This piano app would be the perfect thing for me if I ever got the iPad. You can see how small a piano app looks on the iPod Touch above.

Apple iPad

Browsing the web is pretty cool on this device. Though I'm a "PC", I still always liked Apple's display better because its more roomier, crisp and clear.

Apple iPad Video Display

Videos and movies are HD clear and enjoyable to watch (depending on if the source of the video is high quality). My YouTube video is HD so it looks very nice to watch on the iPad.

Apple iPad

Thickness comparison between iPad and iPod Touch. I have a cover for my iPod Touch so its not a very good comparison, its as thick as the iPad with it on.

Apple iPad Keyboard

Comparison between the iPad and iPod Touch's Keyboard. The keyboard on the iPad is nice but can be a bit awkward due to the size of the iPad. Still is better than I originally thought, but its only my opinion.

Apple iPad

Display is very nice. Checking websites with beautiful photos of Sakura. Photos via dannychoo.com.

iPad @ Apple Store

People checking out the new iPad at the Apple Store.

iPad @ Apple Store

People checking out the new iPad at the Apple Store.

Since the iPad has just been released, its definitly got potential in terms of functional improvemt and capabilities. If you’ve noticed, Apple likes to release new products and add new and exciting improvements later to keep the consumers intrested. That’s what I believe. We’ll see what the iPad and Apple can achieve over time.



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