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Baka to Test to Shōkanjū April 3, 2010

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What got me into this anime was a couple of things; one was from a friend who told me he was watching this series, that’s how I first heard about it. What compelled me to watch it was when someone requested that I do a song from the anime for my Piano Melodies Series I do on YouTube. For me to do that I needed to hear the song over and over in order to get myself to remember the tune and play it by ear, that’s what I’ve been doing with all of the songs I played for my Piano Melodies Series. Since BtTtS only has 13 episodes, I felt it wouldn’t take too long to watch, and it was within the genres I watch so I gave it a shot.

This anime is about Akihisa Yoshii and his class F, in a school where grades rank what class you go to and the conditions of the classroom you are given. Akihisa is known as the “Baka” or idiot of the class and pretty much of the entire school. In his class he has many friends, like Yūji Sakamoto the class F representative; Hideyoshi Kinoshita, a feminine looking boy who is a good friend to Akihisa but is the subject of fanservice because of his looks; Kōta Tsuchiya, a pervert who no one seems to mind at all who goes around with his camera taking perverted pictures of anyone around; Minami Shimada, one of the only two girls in class F who likes him but is keen on hurting him whenever he shows interest in other girls, and; Mizuki Himeji, a very smart girl who gets placed into class F when she has a fever during her placement exam. She is the second girl in class F along with Minami and like Akihisa as well. She has very bad cooking skills but doesn’t know that because she does not taste her own cooking. Besides class F students, there are other characters introduced from other classes. The students who are shown frequently that are not in class F is Shōko Kirishima, Yūji’s cildhood friend who is class A’s representative and is the top student in her level who is very possive of Yūji and wants to marry him to the point of forcing him, and Yūko Kinoshita who is in class A and the twin sister of Hideyoshi Kinoshita. There are other characters but of course I’m not going to go over all of them, you can just use good old Wikipedia for more complete info of the series. All of the info above is from what I can recall.

Besides Bakas and tests, the show has something unique, Shokanju or summoned beings. These beings are chibi forms of the person summoning them though have much more power than the normal human. They can only be summoned in special summoning areas that are created by teachers or by a bracelet that Akihisa acquires that allows him to conjure up a small summoning area around him without the permission of a teacher. The power of each being are determined by test scores, thus class A having the strongest beings while class F having the weakest. The class beings can go into battle with each other in summon wars, the winner being able to switch with the other’s classroom. Class F’s goal is to get class A’s super classroom (it has system desks, food bar, AC, big display screen, etc.) Akihisa, being the ultimate idiot has the title of Punishment Inspector and is the only Shokanju to be able to touch physical objects to do work for teachers such as moving boxes. The downside to this is that there is a feedback of pain from the being to the user Akihisa. Class F has the belief that grades are not everything, first stated by Yūji Sakamoto the class F representative who was once a child prodigy but has dropped that title by not studying at all the prove his point.

This is the first anime I watched that has yaoi references due to the way the male character interact with each other. It never gets too much yaoi so it’s not that bad. The comedy is good, and so it the battles which use more tactics than power vs. power when class F comes into play. The end of the anime is a bit of a shock but at the same time not unexpected. I will be doing the melody of the opening music for the anime by fan request for my upcoming Random Piano Melodies Series. Will post the video when it is up in May.



1. Fabrice - April 4, 2010

Baka to Test does the job of using some very well known seiyuus as well as some not so very well known. All display a charismatic quality in their characters and bring out the character that they are. Akihisa is the loud idiot. Yuuji is the sometimes-calm-sometimes-not idiot. Himeji is naively sweet. Minami is an awkward idiot. Hideyoshi…does not sound like an idiot, but comes across as amusingly girly. And Kouta is perverted through and through. Just hearing the voicing alone could tell you this.

The ‘ending’ of the show is much left to be desired for, in other words it was quite a i want more ending!. Fortunately it has the opportunity to redeem itself with the second season announced to be aired soon.

coolmikeol - April 4, 2010

There’s going to be another season?! No wonder the ending seemed so weak. Yeah the seiyus are good, did you know that Miharu is the voice of Azusa from K-On! ? I always like looking up the seiyus and see what other animes they did from the ones that I watched before.

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