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Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver March 21, 2010

Posted by coolmikeol in Games.
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I posted this on Figure.fm about a few days ago and it did not show up on the front when I submitted it (as its suppose to when a new post is done on that site). I decided to share it here as its nearly invisible on figure.fm. If you want to see the original post, here is the link.

A few days ago, the remake of Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal came out, Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver here in the US. It’s a Pokemon game that goes back to the Johto and Kanto regions in 4th generation Pokemon DS style.

Loved Pokemon Crystal back in my middle school days. I pre-ordered this game and got it a day after it came out here in the states. Playing this game brings a very nostalgic feeling, but at the same time the new features of the 4th generation of Pokemon Game boy gaming keeps it new and exciting. There is now a safari zone in Johto, the battle frontier from D/P/Pt, and more. Haven’t got too far in the game to say all whats new and improved from the originals.  Along with the game comes an accessory, called the Pokewalker. It allows you to transfer one of your Pokemon into the device and raise its experience and happiness, while able to catch some Pokemon and gain items that you can transfer back into your game.

It’s compatible with the D/P/Pt Pokemon games and you can transfer Pokemon from FR/LG and R/S/E via Pal Park using the GBA slot in the DS and DS lite.

About 10 years ago, did you play the original Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal? I remember those times when link cables and infrared mystery gift were so hard to do because of bad connections. The DS to DS connection is pretty solid and the Pokewalker to game connection is not that bad either. Before HG/SS came out, I was able to replace the battery in my old PKMN Crystal just to play it a bit and listen to the old 8 bit music. Good thing is that HG/SS also has an item in the game called the GB player, which changes the music to play in the musical style of the original G/S/C games, even playing songs that were not originally in the game into 8-bit music. This item is obtained late in the game.

Love playing this game as it is just as good as the originals, but with better graphics and added features.

Do you have/plan to get Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver?



1. Fabrice - March 24, 2010

Im still thinking wether its worth byuing the game since…well you its pokemon which normally you play in your early teen. but still it was the best thing ever for me at that time.

2. kasper - April 25, 2010

So many years more or less like everyone else, I had was this u2026.and% ten years ago, my favorite game, of course, next to the red version. If I have heard of these games, renewed all the time I was u201Cabout%!% U201D remake, but the joys and disappointments, and most do not see the disappointment u2019ve%. It’s like money in the house x 10% u2019s. These games are very good, and Game Freak / Nintendo put great effort into these games and it shows. Carrying conductor clear and Pokemon, which may act directly on the diamond, pearl and platinum! You can also continuously move with Ruby, Sapphire, Leaf Green, Fire Red and Emerald. Sun nostalgia fans, because I do not regret it% u2019s game exactly the same as ten years ago, but improved u2019re% not play the same game, but it is u2019re% of new games, although all the new features are added. This game is 10.12 and all my fan or Pokemon fan of this game before. I think, IMO, these games of last generation 4? And if u2019t% u2019% em can be expected? If ordered with pokewalker (step counter) you can go wrong? You can u2019t%.

3. NyNy - June 1, 2010

I give it a 10/10!

By the way, here’s my review, want to read and comment:

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