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Hayate no Gotoku! March 5, 2010

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The Main Characters: Nagi and Hayate (center), Ayumu, Maria, and Hinagiku (big ones from left to right)

Hayate no Gotoku or Hayate the Combat Butler was one of those animes I watched on a reference from a Shakugan no Shana extra. It’s about the bad luck and debt ridden main character Hayaye Ayasaki, who has worked his whole life to make ends meet from his parents spending habits. One Christmas night after finding out that his parents ran away and sold him to the yakuza for his organs, he runs away and becomes desperate enough to try to kidnap for ransom money. The person he tries to kidnap is Sanzen’in Nagi, who misinterprets it for a love confession. While attempting to make a ransom call to the Sanzen’in house (which fails), Nagi gets kidnaped by a couple of goons, who gets stopped by Hayate. Before collapsing, he asks her to find him a job. Thats when Nagi decides the hire Hayate to be her butler.

This series was definitely one of my favorites as it was another parody/reference anime but with somewhat of a plot. What got me to start watching this was a Shakugan no Shana mini specials episode, where Nagi Sanzen’in was shown on Yuji’s head. From there, it was off to watching two seasons or 77 episodes of Hayate no Gotoku.

The first season (as I realize now follows the manga accurately) was filled with many parodies of other animes, references to real life scenarios made in a comical way, and not too much fanservice. Many of the references made in the show were censored (with the standard bleeping sound) due to broadcasting rights, but you could still get what the characters meant. Another thing I noticed about the show is how fanservice is limited (though the anime knows that and provides some from the lack thereof in a funny way). Most characters are not drawn over the top sexy, making them look almost normal in terms of a high schooler. The characters and their personalities seem to balance out quite well with one another, though the little misunderstandings that do happen make for great comedy. An example of this is how Nagi thinks that Hayate loves her romantically from the start of their meet, though the whole thing is a misunderstanding and mishaps ensue. Maria (Nagi’s maid) knows of the situation between the two but doesn’t know how to let both of them know about each others feelings. The plot of the first season is basically about Hayate’s experiences of learning to be a great butler, meeting new people and facing new obstacles along the way.

Season two has a couple of changes, notably the references to other anime are gone and the animation change between the first and second season. I still liked it like the first season, though the difference of how the characters were drawn bugged me a bit in the beginning but I got used to it eventually. This season was more focused on giving more story and love comedy than parody, but kept its style intact. You can also tell that the creators were also focusing on their fan favorite character, Hinagiku Katsura. She appeared a lot more than the previous season, even having the ending theme song being about her. I’m not complaining, I like her too, though a more balanced show of   the characters is good too.

Just today I realeased a piano melodies video of Hayate no Gotoku! Hope you enjoy the video.

Overall the whole series was always funny, providing a little action, love, and comedy wrapped up into a show called Hayate no Gotoku. It’s a great recommendation if you’re looking for a good love comedy manga/anime.



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