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My Blogging Schedule February 6, 2010

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Blogging Schedule

It’s been about three months since I started up my blogs (yes there is more than one, just look to the right and you will see my Blogroll), the Otaku blog being the favorite of all my readers, probably because of the lack of posts I’ve put up on the other three keep those blogs boring. I promise to try to get those blogs more up to speed when I complete posts for them I keep on putting off.


Some of the posts that will be up within a few months are listed here (subject to change):

Travel” Blog – Oahu, Hawaii / Las Vegas, Nevada / Reno, Nevada

Random” and “SFBA” Blog… I don’t have any current ideas at the moment for future posts, but will get around to looking at my photo archive for ideas.


For now I’m focusing on my “Otaku” Blog because there is so much going on in terms of new anime coming out, along with past animes that I have watched that I plan to blog about. I plan to make a post about every anime that I have seen, as it allows me to recall all the good (and bad) things about the anime. Each show I go through gives me a new perspective in life, because to me anime is like a “what if” scenario in real life. When I was younger, I always remember thinking up fantasies that I realize now are like the animes of today. I finally realized why I love anime so much, because it let my imagination become real. I will write a separate post about how I started loving anime the way I do after the spring semester of school. Besides anime, I do have a life outside the computer so I try to do posts when I have the time.

Ok. I decided to do posts in regular intervals rather than do all of them at once then taking a big break. Two reasons for this: First is so I can break down the workload and give myself deadlines to do it. The second reason is view count. The views for my “Otaku” blog have really been taking off ever since Love Hina. I noticed that when I took few weeks off the views would continue to be at a good level for a few days, then drop off. The last two posts, Lucky Star and K-On! are closer to each other in terms of posting date. Since then, the view count for the blog has been stable at about 15+ views a day. Now you’re probably asking yourself, why does the view count matter? For me, a high number of views gives me great inspiration and determination to keep writing and posting for people who want to see the Japanese subculture from my eyes. Though I may not know the variety of subjects associated with the subculture, I still want to share what I know about it. One of the major topics I write about is anime. Of course I know that I’m one of many who blog about the same thing, but it’s what I want to do.


Rough Draft Blogging Schedule

Every two weeks I plan to write a post.

I follow current events about the J-subculture through DC.com, so I will post at will when the time comes.

Here is a rough draft of my current blogging schedule (subject to change):

February: Blogging Schedule, My Anime Watchlist, Anisong

March: Code Geass, Shakugan no Shana

April: San Francisco’s Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom Festival), Angel Beats!

May: Negima!, Black Rock Shooter

June: Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, Hayate no Gotoku



1. kuurozaki - March 14, 2010

whoa.. you got your own schedule for your blog 😀
Very organized…

coolmikeol - March 15, 2010

Well it seems that way at first. I originally made a schedule for my blog because I thought that I would run out of ideas for it and needed to spread them out over time. Recently however I have now tons of backlogged posts I want to do, so it seems that my post about my blogging schedule is pretty much obsolete. Its only good for seeing a few of the posts I will be doing in the future now.

2. kuurozaki - March 15, 2010

oh , I see.. well at least by having a schedule you can easily maintain your blog posts and not to forget on what you’re about to post on your blog even though sometimes it’s obsolete… Maybe I should create one 😀

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