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K-On! January 27, 2010

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I first heard of this anime from the blogger Danny Choo who is a fan of the show too. I remember thinking to myself that I probably wasn’t going to watch this anime for reasons I cannot recall but eventually got sucked into it. From the manga created by Kakifly, It’s a show about a group of five girls in the light music club. The members and main characters of the keiongaku (light music) club are Hirasawa Yui who plays guitar, Akiyama Mio who plays bass, Tainaka Ritsu who plays drums, Kotobuki Tsumugi who plays keyboard, and Nakano Azusa who also plays guitar but with more experience than her sempai. The show follows their experiences in the club.

*First episode spoiler* (I shortened Keiongaku to Keion to make it more convenient.)
The anime starts off following Yui who is starting her first day of high school. With no idea what club she wants to join, she happens to see the keion club advertisement and she convinces herself to tryout, thinking that it’s as easy as playing castanets. The club, about to be closed down due to the lack of people, was then taken over by Ritsu who convinces her friend Mio to join. Frantic for more members, they also recruit Tsumugi who was originally wanting to join the choir club. All they needed now is one more member to finalize the club’s status. When Yui appears for a tryout, she initially believes that the members are scary people until Ritsu sees her outside of the club room and brings her in. The three think that Yui can play guitar, but Yui admits that she doesn’t know how to play any instruments and tries to leave. They urge her to stay and even offer to teach her how to play guitar, thus the keion club was (re)born.

I just wanted to give a summary of the first episode to give you a sense of how the show starts off. The show is very funny due to the characters personalities and club activities. Though the first season is only 13 episodes, it provides enough comedy every episode to make you LOL. The major aspect of the show is the music, played by the After School Tea Time band (their name given by Sawako-sensei, their club adviser). They have several songs that they play in the anime and it’s opening and ending sequence, notably Cagayake Girls, Dont Say Lazy, Light and Fluffy Time, My Love is a Stapler, and Brush and Ballpoint Pen. Of course they have other songs but are on separate character CDs and albums.

With whatever piano skills I have, I made this K-On! Piano Music Melodies Series video posted on YouTube. Enjoy!

Just recently I found out that there are additional (as in 3 minutes each short) episode shorts, six in all that show more of the characters as themselves. Along with that an OVA (Original Video Animation) came out this month that shows the band’s first outside gig at a live house. they’re all awesomely funny and allowed me to relive the days when first watching K-On! when it first came out. A second season has been anounced so look forward to it if you’re a fan of the show.

Since it was made by the same studio (Kyoto Animation) as the big animes such as Lucky Star and The Mechanoly of Haruhi Suzumiya, it’s popularity sprang up and spread. It’s a manga/anime that’s relatively new so it’s a bit of a surprise to see it grow from just your average manga to what it’s become today. It’s another anime I encourage you (the reader) to watch because it’s funny and also for a person who doesn’t like too much fanservice. None is shown but some is implied. Trust me. Actually, almost all animes I blog about are ones I like so just assume that I recommend it to you (unless I say otherwise, like Maburaho).

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