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Love Hina January 6, 2010

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The cover for the final manga of the series, Love Hina.

This anime was one of the first love comedies I watched. Love comedies is one of my favorite genres. The story is basically about Keitaro Urashima, a hopeless guy who’s trying to get into Tokyo university for a promise he made with a girl when he was a child. He doesn’t remember her name but he is determined to keep his promise to making it there. However he has failed the entrance exams three times already and his life doesn’t seem to be getting any better, until one day he becomes the manager of an all girls dorm called Hinata sou from his grandmother. There he meets several of the tenants that change the course of his life forever. The anime then follows that experiences that Keitaro goes through in his quest to Tokyo U and to find the mystery promise girl of his past.

I really enjoyed this series. I first found out about Love Hina from reading about the creator, Ken Akamatsu, who also created Negima, another anime series I watch. The fan service was not too much but played a role in some of the plot. The characters are well balanced and the comedy is great, coming from misunderstandings and accidents. It seemed that back when it was new it was a major hit. I watched it after it ended a few years ago.

The only disappointment from the anime is how it ended. It ended with a kiss with his girl and Keitaro going to Tokyo U but didn’t continue to confirm if she was the promise girl (though she actually was) and whether they would live a happy life together. The manga covers this and more, so I wish that the anime could have followed the manga to the end. The manga, after Keitaro makes it to Tokyo U, proceeded to explore more of the relationship between him and his girl and about the promise girl. He still was not sure who she was but still stayed with the girl he liked. In the end however (*spoiler*) he finds out that the girl from the past he was looking for was beside him all along. If they had animated  the manga from where they ended to the manga’s ending then I would have been more satisfied. All in all this still is a classic to me of love comedy animes.

For more information, visit Wikipedia for Love Hina.

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1. yamada - January 6, 2010

I love this series too but I haven’t finish the manga yet.

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[…] is view count. The views for my “Otaku” blog have really been taking off ever since Love Hina. I noticed that when I took few weeks off the views would continue to be at a good level for a few […]

3. mimilovi - February 22, 2010

il se marie je savais pas ooooooooooooooooooooooooaih

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