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Maburaho November 27, 2009

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This is my review of the Maburaho anime produced by J.C.Staff from the light novel series written by Toshihiko Tsukiji.


Summary of Maburaho

I watched this anime as just something to kill time until the next episode of my other animes came out. It is basically your usual harem anime, one guy and many girls. I’m used to this already as many animes use some sort of harem theme in them, more or less. The plot is about a normal male high school student, Kazuki Shikimori in a not so normal world. The world itself is full of magic, everyone in the world can perform it with varying degrees of power, but what sets people apart is the number of times their magic can be used. If the person’s magic count reaches zero, they turn to ash. (To me this was a bit lame but I’m not the creator, and also this plays a big role in the plot.) Kazuki was lacking a social life, and not many people were friends with him because of his low magic count (The number of times he could perform magic) of 8. (Magic count in this anime could be seen as being as valuable as money in real life.) In the beginning of the show, it is reveled that Kazuki, though lacking in magic count, harbors the genes of various famous and powerful wizard. This is when his image goes from nothing worthy to “person who can make the best wizard ever”. Three girls, Yuna Miyama, Kuriko Kazetsubaki, and Rin Kamishiro start to hang out with him, two of them just wanting his genes for themselves. As the series progresses, all three begin to have feelings for him as he shows his “nice guy” behavior, even using his magic despite the risks. At one point he uses all of his magic to try and save Yuna and does turn to ash, but his spirit remains on Earth because of his powerful magic. After the incident, the rest of the show is about trying to restore his body back to human form, but later the main characters learn the side effect of doing so, losing his memories. Through their feelings for him they give him back his ashes that were scattered with the three and his childhood friend Chihaya Yamase. He regains his body and retains his memories, but the process of saving him has produced ten clones of himself. It is unknown about the number of times he can perform magic after the restoration or of other side effects of the process of bringing him back to human state.

If my summary is bad, sorry. This is my first review of an anime and I may have left out small details but its all from memory.

My review of Maburaho

In the first few episodes, I felt the show was OK, but there were a couple of things I just didn’t like. The whole series felt kind of cold, the attitudes of the people in the anime were quite brutal to me. The whole world looks down on Kazuki, before the revelation that he is actually very powerful, just like how the poor and the rich are seen in real life. The girls in this show seem very selfish, seeming to only want  him solely for his valuable genes. Kazuki’s class at school is almost just as bad if not worse. They are the most troublesome and annoying class i’ve seen, never listening to their teacher and creating stupid plans for money-making purposes. Almost all of them seem to hate Kazuki, because of his status of low magic count and/or because of his relationship with the main cute and beautiful girls of the show.

The quality of the anime is slightly lacking, looking like an ordinary anime with magic thrown in. The characters and their personalities seem to be almost carbon copies of general anime characters, for example: The main character is a male lacking in something and then something happens to him and girls appear. As if I haven’t seen that before. In other animes, at least they don’t make the main character as weak as Kazuki is. The girls depicted have the stereotype of anime girls; cute looking, rich, action themed or all of the above. I guess my dislike of this anime is the negatively and broadness of the characters and story. Overall the anime was OK, scoring a 4 out of 10 from me. It was like an anime depicting what a typical anime looks like, in a bad way.

If you don’t like my review, please don’t send negative messages to me. This is my personal opinion and in no way am I trying to persuade anyone from watching or liking this anime. Also this is something new for me so bear with the crudeness of it.



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