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My posts on figure.fm November 25, 2009

Posted by coolmikeol in Otaku.

Along with my posts here, I will have occasional posts on figure.fm that are directly related to the Japanese subculture. These posts recieve hundreds of views every hour thinks to the site being very popular. Hmmm…. I guess I should explain a bit about figure.fm, even though I don’t use it often.

Figure.fm is “a community of figure, mecha and doll collectors and admirers from all over za warudo.
Figure.fm is run by Danny Choo who works closely with the figure makers to bring the consumer closer to the products.” Along with figures, the site also includes other categories that are under “not figure (others)” that is related to Topic “Otaku”.

dannychoo.com is similar to figure.fm but is considered the main site of Danny’s websites. Its content is more overall spread equally about life in Japan and the “Otaku” subculture.

Several months ago, dannychoo.com used to allow posts directly to its own site. When Danny redid his site, he took out this feature, along with the posts I had on it. I do understand that this is an improvement of the site (even though initially I was against it) as some of the posts were not “Otaku” related. Now I will post on figure.fm only if it is directly related to topic “Otaku” and will be linked here too. Here is my first post on Figure.fm posted today about A guy who married a video game character (stolen from Yahoo!).



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